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Something called an Alliance Loadboard?

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by RedBird, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. RedBird

    RedBird Rookie Expediter

    Thank you fellow expeditors for the positive feedback on my last post.

    I have a question. I used to drive for a guy, who told me he found alot of his expedited freight on some "Alliance Loadboard". I tried researching this on Google, but came up with nothing. Does anybody else in the industry ever heard of such a group, or type of loadboard. I scanned some of the other posts in this section and found a driver who was in Quincy, IL. and being with the "Alliance", he found a run from Quincy, IL to Queens, NY within a day of sitting.

    Any info you find, I'd greatly appreciate.

    Since I'm having trouble hooking up with a carrier who is actively recruiting for cargo vans. I'm considering starting up my own expediting company, where I specialize in only cargo van freight, since most carriers I talk to are only recruiting bigger str8 trucks.
    Your ideas are appreciated.
  2. kwexpress

    kwexpress New Recruit

    KW Express
    o/o till i die

    the load board you are looking for is gps411
  3. kwexpress

    kwexpress New Recruit

    KW Express
    o/o till i die

    you can get a membership to the alliance just go to
  4. kwexpress

    kwexpress New Recruit

    KW Express
    o/o till i die

    joining the alliance will give you alot of contacts with other expedite carriers.

    if they choose they to add your carrier to there sharing rules you will see loads they post to other members just call them and book the loads.

    I dont know if I would try it with just one cargo van but that really depends on what area you live in and you can also lease on other owner/ops with straights and tractors.

    you can also sign up with panther and the others as an outside carrier and get loads from them direct that will pay you more than they pay the company o/o.

    the secret to the alliance is keep your equipment updated.they dont like to call a posted truck and find out its not available.

    keep your rates up dont do cargo van loads for .85 your just hurting yourself keep it over $1.00 per mile please.

    you will need the extra money to keep up with your insurance payments . 1.15-1.30 is not uncommon for cargo vans

    1.60-2.15 for straights and 2.50-3.00 for tractors thats what I would always bid. some may get better rates than me and some will go can also share freight with the other members

    like if you have freight from the usa that goes to canada but you dont have canadian authority just get on there and find a canadian carrier with a truck in detroit and give them the canadian part of the run.

    good luck
  5. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    I was the driver in Quincy, and no I didn't get the load off of gps411. What I said was that the customer probably checked gps and found I was the only truck within 40 miles of the shipper in Quincy, therefore he called my company. I don't so much use gps to find loads, but it helps when I'm in a jamb for a couple days.

    I agree with kw. Don't get your own authority with one van. You aren't doing yourself any favors when straight truck loads outnumber van loads at a 5:1 margin or greater.

    "If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know." - Kansas

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