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Panther load board

Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by bbrs2000, May 22, 2011.

  1. bbrs2000

    bbrs2000 New Member

    I would like to log in to Panther load board.
    I have question about insurance ,have 1 000 000 liability and 100000 cargo.... I dont have hazmat endorsment.
    Can I still be approved to log in and use loadbord?
  2. jimlookup

    jimlookup New Member

    If you're wanting to bid on loads as a outside carrier you'll also need authority, a agreement, and more. Contact Panther and ask for their outside carrier package. You may be able to get Panther loads through other brokers, but, that's just another slice out of the pie.
  3. pjjjjj

    pjjjjj New Member

    Many independents can't get (or afford, even if they could get) insured for hazmat. Panther will still accept you, assuming everything else is in order, and you have everything set up with them.

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