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lease/purchase program

Discussion in 'Ask The Recruiter' started by cooldude68, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. cooldude68

    cooldude68 New Recruit

    I was just wondering if there were any expedite companies that have a lease purchase program for people that dont have a down payment for a straight truck, cargo van, or a big rig?
  2. mrgoodtude

    mrgoodtude Expert Expediter

    Ok I will bite..Bwahahhahahahahha:D
  3. mrgoodtude

    mrgoodtude Expert Expediter

    No btw.....
  4. cableguymn

    cableguymn New Recruit

    There was a local courier company that did/does this...

    I listened to the pitch.. New E150 van, base model, keys/heater/ac no radio.

    6 year lease. No early buy out. You quit, you return van. You get NO refund.

    in the end the 16-20K van cost the driver twice that with their "buy out" amount at the end. Considering a local courier piles on 100,000 miles a year the likely hood that the van would even be around to "buy out" is a laugh.

    Your best bet, get a bank loan to buy a used van around 5 years old. Make sure you borrow enough to have operating capital and money to upfit the van if you are not buying one already setup.

    If you can't at least do this. I suggest you find a local job until you can or drive a straight truck for an owner.
  5. cooldude68

    cooldude68 New Recruit

    Your so funny I forgot to laugh.
  6. brock19w

    brock19w New Recruit

    Panther Expedite has a no money down, no credit check Lease Purchase Program for Tractors. Call recruiting at 800-640-7055 Ext. 3770.
  7. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    You ever heard the old saying "don't crap where you eat".....????
  8. EasyDoesIt

    EasyDoesIt New Recruit

    For every lease purchase that does succeed there are probably a thousand that fail. Sometimes you simply return the vehicle, sometimes you lose your home.

    EASYTRADER New Recruit

    Lessing a truck from a company is a poor financial choice. They will still control everything from where you do your maintenance, to where you work. If you think you arenfinacially responsible enough to handle a 2k per month truck payment, then just go buy a truck, and sign it on to any companynyou want.

    If you cant get credit to buy the truck, then guess what, you shouldnt buy one. Being turned down for credit is gods way of saying "you aint ready to buy this yet". If youre in that position, just go get a job and save youre money, when you haventhe cash to buy, youll be ready to be an owner. If you cannot save the money, guess what, you arent ready to be an owner.

    Owning a truck requires financial disapline it aint the same as driving a truck. If you haventhe disapline to save the money to buy the truck, hen youll probly be ok as an OO, otherwise you will fail.

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  10. ACEofSpades

    ACEofSpades New Recruit

    This is mostly true. There are a few people out there who have the cash flow, but don't have the credit to get approved for the loan. I've been in that situation before. I cleared over $1000 a week, but didn't have the credit to buy my wife a newer Suburban. Making the payment was not the problem, the paperwork was. You have to remember that most banks have really tightened their lending requirements, so fewer people have the option to go the bank finance route. Having said that, most lease/purchases are scams from the get-go, unless it is new equipment.

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