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How do I see Panthers' available loads?

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by rdtrpn, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. rdtrpn

    rdtrpn New Recruit

    What is the website to find available Panther loads online? Not backhauls! I'm mean Panther dispatched loads; from what I understand you can find them yourself and call in to request to be put on a load.
  2. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    There is no such website. Panther makes available a username and password for so their operators can look for backhauls if need be but that's all.
  3. x06col

    x06col Active Expediter

    Oh Leo, yer spreading it again. There is a site. Believe tho, the fella is a bit confused about whom can access the site, and benefit from it. He's been listening (kinda) to some Truck Stop sessions.
  4. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Colonel, I didn't realize you'd joined Panther and knew all their workings now. Since I apparently don't know anything with only 3 years experience and 2 trucks with them I'll bow out and let you answer the Panther questions in the future.
  5. classadriver

    classadriver New Recruit

    I am new so dont jump on me yet please. but I would say panther emails out the loads to outside carriers if thats what you are and you can bid on them if your running on your own authority.
  6. Bruno

    Bruno Seasoned Expediter


    Leo is a very honest man and knows alot about Panther. If there is a site that you can bid on Panther loads its news to me and everyone would want to come to Panther. So i would say that Leo is telling you the truth.
  7. dabluzman1

    dabluzman1 Rookie Expediter

    OOOOOOOOOO Busted,

    Should we call him Sarge, now?
  8. hondaking38

    hondaking38 New Recruit

    leos probably the straightest shooter on this website....if there was such a load board site ,do you think he would have ever left panther? NO
  9. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Before this thread goes where it shouldn't I will explain what he likely making reference to.
    Panther does have a web based broker board. That is accessed by "partners" (drivers or companies with their own authority) or someone with approval to enter it.
    That is what the Colonel is referring to.
    Much the same some of the other larger carriers have there own site for broker loads.
  10. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Yes, if you are a broker there's information. If you are a contractor there is nothing. I took the OP to be asking as a contractor signed on with the company.
  11. Bruno

    Bruno Seasoned Expediter

    If that is the case why not let their own drivers be able to bid on these loads. Sometimes people are willing to take a load for less than their rate, that way it puts them in a better area.
  12. Bruno

    Bruno Seasoned Expediter

    That is funny Dave lol :)
  13. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    Because the loads on that board have been offered to and turned down by their own drivers. That's why they're on the broker board. Their own contractors get first crack at those loads to start with.
  14. dodgeboy

    dodgeboy New Recruit

    Let me break it down to you guys. Panther has a load board where partner carriers can bid on loads that their own drivers turn down. The loads on the Panther bid board are usually short loads and loads that are going into undesirable areas. Like a load going from Atlanta GA to Miami FL. Everyone here knows that there isn't much junk coming out of Miami to begin with, so drivers will turn that load down. Another example of a panther brokered load would be a load out of California, such as a load going from one point in California to another point in California. There are also some regular loads that are brokered out of Salt Lake City UT, because there are rarely enough trucks in that area to cover the freight.

    This so called "secret bid board" is nothing special guys; and if anything it benefits the Panther drivers. This is because the more loads "Panther brokers out" ((when they do not have one of their own vehicles in the area)) the more freight you will get from that customer in the future. If Panther started turning down all of their customers out west because they do not have drivers in the area (or one of their own drivers did not want to do a short run) those customers would not call Panther with loads.

    So, people, lets not get ahead of ourselves here. If you were to have your own cargo insurance policy (1,000,000) general liability and (100,000) cargo, --which would cost you around 600 a month for one cargo van-- you could then haul freight from Panthers bid board. But, from what i've seen, there is not enough freight being brokered on their board to keep you busy all of the time, and you have to be in the right place at the right time.

    People who have one cargo van and bid on Panthers board also have partner carrier agreements with multiple companies. Also, the "one man cargo van driver" as a partner carrier is a very rare thing, as the fixed operating costs are pretty high. So don't get all bent out of shape because Bolt or some other company runs that mini run that no one else wanted. After all "someones gotta service that customer" otherwise you have a very upset customer and you run the risk of losing that account.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2008
  15. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    One correction to the above, Panther does not offer those loads to their own trucks before putting them on the broker board in every case and they aren't all dogs either. Some of them are excellent loads that any intelligent operator would take. Some of them are never offered to an actual Panther truck at all.
  16. MSinger

    MSinger New Recruit

    I used to get miffed at some of the Colonel's comments also. But if you sit back and really look at them they are usually quite humorous. In print it is often difficult to get across the tongue in cheek sarcasm that would be evident in a verbal conversation.
  17. dabluzman1

    dabluzman1 Rookie Expediter

    NOW......that is funny.
  18. Bruno

    Bruno Seasoned Expediter

    I hope that is not the case Leo, but you know more about Panther than I do. I will be asking about this tomorrow when I stop in the home office on the way to the bank. Like you said before they all have warts.
  19. x06col

    x06col Active Expediter

    There you go Bruno, give us a report after your "fact finding" trip. Many state the facts (as they know them) and facts are generally related to exposure to actual workings of the world. Makes little difference what you may "call" me, as long as it is not late for lunch. Three years and a couple trucks is admirable tho, I know three years is a long time. It took me bout that long to find a deserving individual to pass my Company to.
  20. dodgeboy

    dodgeboy New Recruit

    The home office won't know about the bid board. The partner carrier/broker division of Panther is located in a different building and the regular dispatchers do not really know too much about it. Good luck though.:p

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