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(Dish Satellite TV For Trucks)

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by garman351, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. garman351

    garman351 New Recruit

    I have heard you can pay a monthy fee to dish network to have a satellite unit attached to the mirror of a truck just like being at home.

    Does anybody have one of these units?

    Also what does it cost for the satellite unit, or is it part of the rental. I'm not talking about the $3,000 units that mount under a dome,but an actual service from dish network.

  2. tec1959

    tec1959 New Recruit

    Hi i bought my dish satelite system from pilot truck stop,It came with the dish and receivcer for $149.00.Then you pick your monthly package of what your want to watch,Its around $50-$60 a month.I paid extra for a pole to hang the dish on my mirror it was about $20,And bought a wingate satelite finder for $10 which helps you find the satelite,Just enter a zip and it will tell which way to aim the dish...It works for me and alot cheaper than $3000 plus for some systems....
  3. bruchar

    bruchar New Recruit

    Hello Garman,
    We have DishTV at home so for an additional $5.00 a month you can get all of the same programming you have at the house. Truck stops will have deals on the equipment you'll need. Pilot had a sale not to long ago where they sold the whole kit for $129. That included the receiver, dish, post, etc. On Freightliners it's easy to put on the post but on the newer Volvo's it's a challenge but do-able. Any questions on how to do...PM us. Good luck.
  4. FlameMerc

    FlameMerc New Recruit

    You also can go to Camping World and buy a roof mounted dish that you just crank up and aim it, from inside your truck. It has it's own Sat finder. Seems a lot better than having to find a place to store all your equipment and set it up each time you stop. Cost is about $279.00. That is the way i will be going in the near future.....Butch :D :D :D
  5. garman351

    garman351 New Recruit

    Thanks Guy's for getting back with me.

    Brucher. Is what you are telling me it only cost $5.00 more per month to add Dish network to your truck on top of your regular home bill?

    Are you sure?

    If so that would be cool.

    Garman:) :) :)
  6. sixwheeler

    sixwheeler New Recruit

    same here, I m looking at dish networks web site and cant find anything about it. Also how difficult is it to get the thing up and running when you get parked somewhere? Those pole things look like they just bolt onto the mirror frame, they arent so heavy as to cause any damage are they? thx
  7. highway star

    highway star Seasoned Expediter

    When I talked to Dish Network about a mobile unit, they said it was a seperate subscription. The five dollar deal was for an extra reciever in your home with a phone line plugged into it so they could check and make sure you were keeping it in your home. This would keep you from splitting a subscription with your neighbor. I have talked to people who say they are doing the five buck deal in their trucks.
  8. romoore245

    romoore245 New Recruit

    Robert and I have dish in our truck and at home. When we first started our service we just had one dish and one receiver. We would use it in the truck when we were out and when we came home we would just take the receiver in the house and connect to our home tv and put the dish up on our front porch. So just one service for home and truck. Then one day my husband was looking at our package and realized we wernt receiving all of the channels in our package so he called dish network and after a long while they figured out the problem which was Petro where we bought our dish is selling the old model the dish 300 that only picks up one satalite at a time. we were charged the 129.00 for the dish and receiver. Dish network made everything right by bringing us out a dish 500 dish for no charge. They left the 300 dish because they dont use them anymore. We can now get all the channels we pay for but, we still decided to take the 300 dish on the road with us because it is alot smaller than the 500 dish and easier to set up. So we leave it in the truck and when we get home we take the receiver and hook to the 500 dish that is already set up. Also dish network says that if you call them first instead of going through a truck stop they usually have deals where you can get your equipment free with a service agreement or additional room receivers. It gets confusing but we love our satalite and it is much cheaper than in motion units. A few weeks agao my husband upgraded to a DVR unit so now if we have the dreaded long layover he can set the unit to record while we are sleeping so when we get rolling again we can now watch recorded programs like having satalite while we are rolling.

    Hope info is useful,
  9. sixwheeler

    sixwheeler New Recruit

    it would really be great to have it ..been sitting here in the fine burg of evansville indiana since last night, and a little discovery channel would really hit the spot about now.

    M A WEBSTER New Recruit

    I have been using Direct TV satellite in my van for 3yrs now( for 4.99 a month).I told them it was in a mobile unit. So when I dont have any programing, because I'm not connected to a phone line.I'll just call them up and in 2min I'm hooked up again. Dont know much about Dish network.
    If you have Direct TV at home , you can add a additional receiver to your monthly bill(4.99)But you have to get a dish. As for zeroing in
    on the satellite for signal(you dont have to be a brain surgeon. You find the zip code for your location. Go to menu on sat recevier punch in zip it'll give you the elevation/ degree and when you get a fast fast beeping sound over the tv. Lock the dish down and enjoy your tv. Or if you're rich and lazy buy one that finds the signal its self for $2000.00. I pefer the old way at least i get a little exercise.
  11. bruchar

    bruchar New Recruit

    Garman, Yes it only costs $5.00 a month extra on our Dish bill. We've had this setup ever since we started expediting over 12 years ago. We watch the tv more on the road than we do at home and we've never had a phone line attached to our receiver. Dish is aware that it is in a mobile unit.
  12. diver5240

    diver5240 New Recruit

    I take a receiver with me to camp, my hunting cabin, my truck, any place I want to. I have direct tv and for receivers 2 and up I pay 5 dollars a month each extra. I already have 5 receivers on my account and only 1 of them is plugged into a phone line. The key to it you do not tell them what you are using them for.
  13. tom tinker

    tom tinker New Recruit

    I have Directv no phone lines on 2 recievers, they told me I had to hooked to phone line I told them no way I wanted people ordering movies on my account. They hooked up everything except phone lines really like it. Should go Dish SBC thats my dsl service suposed to cheaper.
    G.R. Mi. Tom Tinker:+
  14. creekindian33

    creekindian33 New Recruit

    it shoiuld oops not coast anything if u allready have dish at home just get another box from ur cable people an dish ull get the same chanels u get at home no extra charge but there is a cable box they have now u can by them out of california for 400 dollars this includes the dish u get everry chanel there is for that one time fee an never pay a monthly bill agasin i got one in my house an abought to put one in my truck the box u by is pre programed it will rest it self it is a legal box its a satelite company in califonia seling them i know several people that have them an they r mor then happy whith them:+
  15. lynng814

    lynng814 New Recruit

    Ok, I bought one of the satellite's from Pilot for $149.00 and it's been a nightmare. How are we supposed to get the smart card, and service hooked up? The box says Dish Network on the side, but they are not much help....who did you go thru?
  16. Scuba

    Scuba New Recruit

    I have the vuqube and i love it $900.00 installed with the direct tv unit. It has a remote that i use to turn the dish so i dont have to go out in the rian if i get a load offer i don't have to get out and pull everything down i can just roll.
  17. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    We recently switched to DirecTV at home and the installer and everyone I talked to over the phone told me that I could just take the second receiver with me when I go on the road. I'm now shopping around for the dish and I'm finding a vast price range, around $100 on the low end up to $800 for the vuqube and some other automatic one they sell at Camping World. I'm in a Sprinter, so I don't want something mounted on the roof and I don't want to spend $800 for one of the high end ones because I come home a lot. Can anyone recommend one of the less expensive ones? I have a rather sizeable check coming in by the end of the week (some long lost way past due money on several loads) and I might be in the market for picking one up but I don't want to break the bank. It would be nice to have a bit more to watch while I'm scouring the computer for loads, but I just can't see dropping $800 right now with winter coming and the inevitable slight slow down in freight in about 3 months.
  18. arrbsthw

    arrbsthw New Recruit

    We have a VueCube mounted on the truck. It has a remote where u can find the satellite inside the truck. It works pretty good. cost around $750.00 without
    receiver. Camping Rv places have a small one that lies flat and will fit on a van without being too tall. Don't know how much they are or how hard they are to set up.
  19. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    I ended up going with this dish made by Winegard. I got it at Camping World.


    I had some trouble at first, but it turns out that it was me. When the DirecTV guy installed the service at home, he installed the second receiver on another tv in the house, so when I tried to use it on the road, I wasn't getting a signal from the dish because there is a setting in the receiver where you select the type of dish you are using. Once I had that right, it took less than 5 minutes to get the signal. It sells for $130 at Camping World. I don't know what it would go for at other places, but it appears to work pretty well and it folds down to a nice compatible size for van drivers.

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