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350k miles Blown Head Gasket

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by EASYTRADER, Jul 30, 2009.


    EASYTRADER New Recruit

    I had a head gasket failure on my truck, its at the dealer now. They pulled the ecm and the truck has never over-temped. So I'm a little puzzled. A factory defect should have shown up long before now I think.

    The truck is a Hino, the mechanic tells me he rarely sees this failure with a hino, but it is fairly common with other class 7 diesels.

    This is my first major repair on the truck, luckily it is going to be covered under the warranty, which coincidentally expired the day after I got the truck to the shop.
  2. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    From reading post here I thought 350K on a Hino was impossible.
    I just hit 175K on mine, happy so far only two minor problems
    AC fan went out and had to have a sensor replaced on the Allison auto. Otherwise trouble free mileage.
  3. piper1

    piper1 Active Expediter

    Were their maintenance requirements for the cooling system and were they followed? Some coolants over time can become abrasive and can literally erode gaskets and seals. Some of these super long life coolants can lull you into a sense of security that things are AOK to leave alone when in fact they need a little TLC. I had an issue with some CAT C-12's that were the first trucks I managed that were filled with the new long life coolants. We left them alone only to have head gasket failures at the 5-600,000 mile range. We failed to sample the coolant and what had happened was it got abrasive (from a variety of factors). Even tho CAT warrantied the trucks it was an expensive mistake by me that cost the company some downtime.:eek:
  4. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    Thats like the Sprinters first claim on transmission it once at 60,000 and never again....they've since changed that service advice...
  5. Deville

    Deville Rookie Expediter

    Depending on mileage & operating conditions Coolant should be changed every 1 or 2 years.

    EASYTRADER New Recruit

    Thanks for the Coolant info. The dealer pulled my ECM and said the highest temp recorded was 222 degrees which is hot but not an overheat.

    As for the coolant It was changed at about 150k, so maybe it was too old. The dealer is sending the head out to a third party testing facility to see if it is in specs.

    Apparently even Hino Corporate is surprised I popped the head gskett.
  7. moose

    moose New Recruit

    At 107,000 we Just had our first Hino related breakdown ,
    it was a blown out A.C belt ,
    330$ , not covered.
    not bad , not bad at all.

    I was told at the Expo that Hino will be Importing Semi Tractors soon .
    Can't wait .
  8. moose

    moose New Recruit

    & then , there is this :

    Photo | Gallery | Dakar | HINO GLOBAL

    Beat the Heck out of any domestic truck !!!

    Baja 1,000 is just a training session .

    "This year marked its 18th consecutive participation and successful finish in the Dakar Rally, using the Hino 500 Series vehicles."
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  9. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member

    You can check the used truck market, but I can't say I have seen a used Hiny with 350k plus on it and not have a replaced motor. Could be a first time though.
  10. moose

    moose New Recruit

    And no , I don't know what happened to your Head gasket .
    Why don't you use the written on the wall ,


    You could have probably known of this problem 50,000 mil. ago .
  11. moose

    moose New Recruit

    They have only being introduced to our market in mid 2006 .
    most are working local .
    and many are abused .
    give it a year or 2.
  12. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Possibly. We have a 06 Sterling that is well in the 400 plus range and they were selling them then. But to be fair, we have had a blown ac unit, blown clutch fan, and a popped injector in that time.
    Part was covered under warranty and part wasn't.
    I quess I still question their ability in a over the road application.
  13. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    My Hino has had AC problems and a sensor malfunction on the Allison auto, that is about it for the 175K miles

    Here is what I'd like to see in a new Hino
    More powerful Heater & AC the fan is fairly weak
    Larger dash vents
    An upgraded seat with an arm rest
    lose the between the seat automatic shifter, put it up near dash
    it makes it impossible to lay down and take a nap
    Option of vent windows or at least windows that don't rattle when halfway down
    No oil pressure guage

    Large windshield
    lots of head room in cab
    the two large glove boxes up above windshield
    quiet engine
    Decent radio with fairly large speakers
    Nice fit and finish in interior
  14. moose

    moose New Recruit

    What ?
    no mention to the innovative windshield washer tank ?

    (with all fairness , the trucks come to the US , without seating.)

    last month i got a call from Hino , more then one hour of survey.
    they asked me just about everything that can be asked on the truck .
    don't know if they will do anything with my 135 answers ,but at lease it show they care...
  15. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    Windshield washer tank, the one under the passenger seat that is impossible to fill without a funnel LOL
    I have to say for a stock seat it is more supportive then either the M2 or International, but the seats in most of these medium duty truck leave alot to be desired.
  16. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    One major complaint with Freightliner, International, and Hinos
    These trucks aren't cheap why can't they put a headlamps left on warning buzzer in them
    My $12k Scion has one :confused:
  17. moose

    moose New Recruit

    Now , you do know that you can slide it all the way to the front for a fill up ...
  18. guido4475

    guido4475 Active Expediter

    I did look at the Hino at the Expo that Churney's had there, and I did like the Blue interior.Although I did not look real close at it, more interested in the sleeper, it didnt seem too bad of a truck.But if I needed a local s/t, I would prefer a Ford with a Cummins in it over a Hino.I used to have a GMC Topkick, with a Cat 3116, A 5-speed with juice brakes,spring ride, and it did real well for what it was.I ran that truck all over the place when my International was in the shop at times.But you cant beat a Hino warranty.And how quiet they are.
  19. guido4475

    guido4475 Active Expediter

    JC Whitney has those things for like $12.00 Real easy to put in.
  20. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    No I did not know that
    LMAO that would make it so much easier
    Now I know
    Thanks Moose

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