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Truck Topics

  • Act Not React

    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 14th 2014 3:36PM
    Being able to act instead of react is always safer for both you and those driving around you. By watching what is going
  • Regulated Days of Yesterday

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Apr 4th 2014 2:25AM
    With the many changes in the trucking industry, many people are talking about ‘the good ‘ol days’ whe
  • A Shot in the Dark?

    By Sandy Long - staff writer
    Posted Feb 20th 2014 1:35AM
    In February 2014, an anonymous tip led police to a residence at 20th and New Jersey in Kansas City Kansas. The tip said
  • Friend or Foe

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 27th 2014 3:58AM
    Dealing with law enforcement can be a little like doing water ballet with a shark, whether it bites you or not depends o
  • Hair Follicle Testing Draws Supporters

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Nov 11th 2013 2:17AM
    While any change to procedures in long standing always carries controversy, hair testing will eventually become common i