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Truck Topics

  • New Hours of Service: A Little Chaotic and Confusing
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 5th 2013 12:26AM
    While the intentions of the FMCSA might be good, there is a lot of confusion and concerns especially about the new restart provisions.
  • Being Courteous Equals Being Safe
    By Sandy Long - staff writer
    Posted Oct 4th 2013 12:22AM
    There appears to be a trend in the industry that is growing, the lack of courtesy for other drivers. This trend includes the thought of...
  • 8 Cliches About Expediting
    By Lee Kurtzman
    Posted Aug 11th 2013 4:21AM
    If you can find a good, mechanically sound, used truck to run for your first year or two in the business, you'll be able to better handle those start-up costs that can stretch the budget in the beginning.

    And, assuming that the truck requires no more than regular preventive maintenance those first couple of years, you should be able to save towards that hefty down payment a new truck will require.
  • Retaining Drivers
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jul 8th 2013 8:32AM
    You own a small fleet or a trucking company and after searching high and low, you find good drivers, now the kicker is in keeping them. There are many ideas on how to retain drivers, things like bonuses, recognition, benefits and even ball caps, but what do drivers really want?
  • Sharing the Road with Over Dimensional Loads
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jun 14th 2013 2:18PM
    If one runs the interstate system at all, the huge over dimensional loads are obvious. Some of them may have over 20 axles under trailers; some might even have a supplemental driver at the tail of the trailer to assist maneuvering around corners and curves.
  • White Glove Equals Increased Revenue
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 27th 2013 1:27PM
    White glove is the elite part of expediting with stress on excellence; excellence of the drivers, the truck and the service provided. It often appeals to those who want to experience types of freight and destinations that are out of the norm for most truckers; nuclear power plants, museums and even, as the Caffees experienced, a professional sports person’s home to deliver an antique soda machine. All that and increased revenue too, what a deal!
  • Upgrading Your Lighting: LED
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 13th 2013 3:30AM
    Whether you want to be up with the latest thing, get a better return on investment for your maintenance money, or make your older equipment safer or more attractive, LED lights are the new kid on the block and look like they will be around a long time.
  • Scams, Schemes and Unseen Beings
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 6th 2013 4:56PM
    Since before credit cards, truckers have had a huge bull’s eye on their backs due to the large amount of cash they carried not only to buy fuel, but in collection of freight charges on the load hauled. While truckers now carry fuel, debit or credit cards and only enough cash to eat on, that bull’s eye remains in the eye’s of the bad folk in the world.
  • If It Has Wheels and an Engine…
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Mar 17th 2013 6:23PM
    Breakdown equals downtime, which costs you and your company money and in the expediter world, downtime when under load is as horrendous as in the old days breaking a radiator hose in the desert 200 miles from help was. Unfortunately, if it has wheels and an engine, it will break down so it is a given that at some point, breakdown will happen to your equipment.
  • Finding That Perfect Ride
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Mar 12th 2013 9:00AM
    We drivers are notorious for seeing a beautiful rig and saying, 'Gee, I wish that were mine.'