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  • ATA Truck Tonnage Index Surges 9.9% Year over Year
    Posted Nov 22nd 2017 10:34AM
    The American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index rose 3.3% in October, following a 1.9% decline du...
  • Small-business truckers request exemption from ELD mandate
    By Contributing Writer
    Posted Nov 21st 2017 10:54AM
    Grain Valley, Mo., Nov. 21, 2017) The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has submitted an exemption request to a federal regulation requir...
  • Seat belt use by commercial vehicle drivers rises to record level
    By The Trucker News Services
    Posted Nov 20th 2017 4:16PM
    WASHINGTON — The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on November 13 said that safety belt usage by commercial truck and bus drivers rose to ...
  • Tesla Unveils All-Electric Class 8 Semi Truck
    By Jack Roberts -
    Posted Nov 20th 2017 4:10PM
    Tesla has revealed more details concerning its new, all-electric Class 8 Semi. In a scene reminiscent of a Rolling Stones concert in the 1960s, Tesla ...
  • Economic Watch: Housing, Industrial Production, E-Commerce Sales Improve
    By Evan Lockridge -
    Posted Nov 20th 2017 3:54PM
    The U.S. housing market improved in October following some ups and downs earlier in the year, while industrial production jumped in part due to increa...
  • What Determines a 'Good' Load?
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Nov 20th 2017 10:02AM
    A key to success in expedited trucking is learning which type of loads to accept--and which ones to pass on. A “good” load will pay you well and ...
  • Expeditors anticipate growth when ELD mandate hits
    By John Paul Hampstead, staff writer -
    Posted Nov 17th 2017 2:08PM
    Will trucking's 'ambulance service' turn into a staple? The looming ELD mandate that requires every commercial truck over 10,000 lbs to be equipped wi...
  • New Program Aimed At Developing 150 Women-Owned Businesses Over Next 12 Months
    By Contributing Writer
    Posted Nov 14th 2017 9:00AM
    Women In Trucking President & CEO Ellen Voie, in her annual presentation during the organization’s Accelerate! Conference & Expo, today anno...
  • Tesla to unveil electric Class 8 tractor this week
    By Overdrive Staff
    Posted Nov 13th 2017 2:04PM
    Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk on Sunday tweeted that the company’s electric semi will make its debut Thursday night. Production delays of Tesla’...
  • Robot 1, truck driver 0 in Las Vegas accident
    By Regina Garcia Cano - The Associated Press
    Posted Nov 10th 2017 10:11AM
    LAS VEGAS — The robots won this one. A driverless shuttle bus was involved in a minor crash with a semi-truck less than two hours after it made its ...