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Driver Lifestyles

  • Expediting Specialists
    By Jeff Jensen - Editor
    Posted Apr 11th 2003 8:00AM
    "Carroll and Dora have been contractors with us for more than nine years now, and day in and day out, they are the utmost professionals.

    The customer is always #1 to them, and they provide unparalleled, outstanding service on every shipment they handle."
    - Scott McCahan,
    Senior Manager, Contractor Relations and Safety
    FedEx Custom Critical
  • Ready to Serve - The Citizen Soldiers of Expediting
    By Lisa Brooks - Associate Editor
    Posted Mar 7th 2003 8:00AM
    There are other folks in this industry who have yet to be called, but state that they are prepared when the time comes.

    Not all of the reservists who are activated will be headed overseas and combat areas, but rather, will fill positions vacated by other personnel who will be assigned to those regions of conflict.

  • Driver Profile: Mike Klinger
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Feb 25th 2003 4:43AM
    "I compare this business to that of being a fireman; you never know where you're going next, only that it has to be done now."
  • A look behind the scenes at Panther II Transportation, Inc.
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Feb 12th 2003 3:59PM
    Rick Buffington is the Director of Operations for the Medina, OH-based Panther II Transportation. During Expediters Online visit, Rick was a busy man indeed - fielding questions from his personnel, answering the phone and dealing with this intrusive interviewer. He was also busy with an ISO 9002 audit re-certification, an industry standard of excellence.
  • Driver Profile: Matt and Katy Foscue
    By Lisa Brooks
    Posted Nov 4th 2002 4:00AM
    "The key to any business is customer satisfaction. It's easy to forget that the customer is the real boss. The impression you make on the customer is very important."
  • Traveling With Fido
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 14th 2002 2:31PM
    I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say OTR expediting is more than a job, it's a way of life. It gets downright lonely out there. Pets relieve some of the boredom and a heck of a lot of the heartache. I've never carried a pet on a truck with me, but I don't blame those who do.
  • Eighteen Wheel Expediters: Ben and Melanie Easters
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 14th 2002 10:00AM
    "Expediting is not for everyone. The difference between general freight and expediting is like apples and oranges. It's two different careers." - Melanie Easters
  • Top Expediter: Clayton King
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 14th 2002 9:05AM
    "I could see everytime I came home that Clayton wanted this (truck driving) for himself." - Patricia Smythia
  • Make a Difference: Become a Trucker Buddy
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 10th 2002 10:25AM
    Trucker Buddy organization allows children the opportunity to explore the America that most Americans never, in their entire lives, get to see.
  • Expediter Profile: Rich and Mary Moore
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 2:34PM
    This couple discovered Roberts Express in 1987 and have seen many changes since then, including the change over to FedEx Custom Critical.