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Dollars & Sense

  • Boost Your Income with Special Care & Handling Services
    Boost Your Income with Special Care & Handling Services
    By Sean M. Lyden, staff writer
    Posted Apr 20th 2015 8:00AM
    Looking to take your expedited trucking income to the next level?
  • How to Find a Good Fleet Owner
    How to Find a Good Fleet Owner
    By Staff Writer
    Posted Aug 18th 2014 4:10AM
    Start into this question not by thinking about fleet owners but by thinking about yourself. The question is, “How do I find a good fleet owner?”
  • Reading the Fine Print - Understanding Your Lease
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Feb 26th 2014 3:53AM
    Navigating a lease contract for the new owner operator can be like tap dancing in a minefield and can ultimately make or break a new business.
  • Involved in an accident? Make the best of a bad situation
    By Scott Loftis
    Posted Nov 29th 2013 4:31AM
    Accidents happen, even to the most safety-conscious professional driver. When they do, keeping your head and knowing what steps to take can help you make the best of a difficult situation.
  • October 2013 Syleconomics - It was a good month for trucking!
    By Stu Sutton - Sylectus
    Posted Nov 18th 2013 9:23AM
    October 2013 vs. October 2012:  October 2013 and October 2012 have the same number of business days, so there is no need to adjust the year over...
  • April 2013 Syleconomics
    By Stu Sutton
    Posted May 14th 2013 8:10AM
    April 2013 vs. April 2012 had two more (10%) business days due to Easter falling in March while it was in April last year (plus the way the weeken...
  • Syleconomics - business rebounding slightly ... but line-haul rate per mile is still not as good as 2012
    By Stu Sutton
    Posted Mar 14th 2013 9:28AM
    For past issues of Syleconomics go to and see the “ Hot News” section.   February 2013 vs. February 2012 had the one ...
  • January 2013 Syleconomics - business had a nice rebound ...
    By Stu Sutton
    Posted Feb 28th 2013 5:44AM
    For past issues of Syleconomics go to and see the “Hot News” section.   January 2013 vs. January 201...
  • Sylectus Summary July 2012
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Aug 22nd 2012 3:01AM
    Truck capacity continues to lag below demand, but has grown to pre-recession levels. This is reflected in a stabilized line-haul rate per mile.
  • Sylectus Report May 2012
    By Gary Addis
    Posted May 22nd 2012 5:10AM
    A 17% increase in total trip count and average length of haul, April 2011 to April 2012, coupled with a 3% increase in total revenue per mile are strong indicators that the economy is continuing its slow growth.