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My name is BJ Morris. I am looking for a qualified TRACTOR TEAMS for my E-Unit truck. The truck is a KENWORTH T-660 outfitted with an apu, 2500 watt inverter TV, and microwave. The split is 60/40 or 40/60 and great home time and negotiable IF YOU ARE A TEAM!! I DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON MY DEIVERS. I REPEAT, I DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON MY DRIVERS What sets me apart from other owners is that I provide transportation where cars are strategically placed in cities around the country. So if you get a layover in one of those cities, you can take my car home, ride around the city. Etc. I take awesome care of my drivers because I’ve been a driver before and I know our needs. I know we can all work together as a cohesive unit. I believe in you all and I ask you to believe in me. Im in search of all types of teams. Husband and wife, brother and sister, sister and sister, brother and brother. JUST A TEAM!! You can reach me 24 hours out of the day. All that I ask is that you have experience

I can be reached at: 404-734-6992 or 918-277-9396

One last thing. I want to inform everyone who tends to migrate to the STRAIGHT TRUCKS OR D-UNITS if you will, freight is being phased out for those trucks and by 2023, they will be completely phased out. If you look now, you can see that the demand for straight truck revenue has gone completely down so it would behoove you if you are a driver, to get into a tractor trailer truck and make as much money as you can before the DRIVERLESS TRUCKS AND/OR autonomous semi trucks hit the road. I just want everyone to be successful before we are put out of work because IT IS COMING!!!! Let’s become successful and reach the top. I believe in you all and I love each and every one of you.

$5000 bonus structure: After the first full month of work, a bonus of $1000 will be paid out the first part of the next month to the team and consecutively at the end of each month. It’s a win-win!!!!!!!! Please note, if you have driven for me before you ARE NOT eligible for the sign on bonus.


Ad number: 26675
Category Driving Jobs & Opportunities
Subcategory Teams Wanted


Username: mrbeejaye
Member since: Jul 12, 2015
Location: Atlanta, Georgia 30349
Phone: 404-734-6992
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