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Truck Topics

  • Motorists snarl traffic as they leave cars to grab cash

    By The Associated Press
    Posted Apr 13th 2015 12:31PM
    WEATHERFORD, Texas — Motorists who thought they struck it rich when money flew out of an armored car and onto a highwa...
  • Self-Inflating Tire Technology for Expediter Trucks

    By Sean M. Lyden, staff writer
    Posted Apr 13th 2015 8:00AM
    So, what if your truck's tires could maintain optimal pressure at all times, in any climate, all by themselves?
  • Air Heater Systems for Expedite Cargo Vans

    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Feb 19th 2015 4:07AM
    From November through March, it can get really cold in certain parts of the country, especially for expediters who oper...
  • Useful Tool: Motor Carrier Atlas

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 26th 2014 1:39AM
    A motor carrier atlas cannot only get you out of a tight spot information wise, it can relieve the stress and boredom we
  • Expedite Trucking 101

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 12th 2014 2:38AM
    Expedite trucking is thought to be by most not in the know, as only straight trucks doing rapid freight movement. While