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Looking Both Ways

  • Thoughts for the New Year

    By John Mueller
    Posted Dec 30th 2015 5:08PM
    Some small changes with potential huge positive results for everyone in the Expedite industry This post of Looking Both ...
  • Look Both Ways - ELDs Around the Corner

    By John Mueller, CDS
    Posted Nov 25th 2015 1:45PM
    Pro's and Con's of Electronic Logging Devices
  • Drivers - Please Help Fight The 800lb. Gorilla

    By John Mueller CDS, COSS
    Posted Oct 8th 2015 3:10PM
    Plea for two minutes of your time for OUR cause.
  • What's Goin' On?

    By John Mueller, CDS, COSS
    Posted Sep 1st 2015 9:38AM
    An Overview of Current Regulatory and Legislative Updates That Will Affect Truck Drivers
  • The Professional Driver Resume

    By John Mueller
    Posted Jun 19th 2015 3:02PM
    Resume Tips and Ideas for the Professional Driver