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Truck Topics

  • Truck Driving and The English Language

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Aug 20th 2014 5:37PM
    Some states are taking not speaking English in both truckers and car drivers seriously. Texas has issued approximately 3
  • Speed Limiters and You

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Aug 4th 2014 11:51AM
    However the proposed rulemaking turns out, regulation or not, it does not change the fact that there is no real reason r
  • Bob and Linda Caffee: Why Stoops Freightliner, Fort Wayne Indiana?

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jul 7th 2014 3:33AM
    When they decided to upgrade to a 2015 Class 8 Cascadia Evolution, they chose to return to Stoops Freightliner.
  • Adequate Communication

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jun 3rd 2014 4:04AM
    Back in the day, communication with dispatchers was one of the most hated things a driver had to do. This was not becau
  • First: Preplan Your Trip

    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 28th 2014 1:52PM
    Once a driver gets used to preplanning their trip properly, it does not take but a very few minutes to preplan a trip.