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Truck Topics

  • Cargo Vans for 2013
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Mar 3rd 2013 6:25PM
    As cargo van sized expedite loads expand, so will the manufacturers add styles and engine choices to meet the demand. The field so far is fairly even, depending on what the buyer is looking for.
  • Passports Required
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 30th 2013 4:32AM
    Planning to take one of the many trucking group cruises? Planning to haul freight into Mexico or Canada? If so, you will need a passport du...
  • Aerodynamics
    By Sandy Long, staff writer
    Posted Jan 30th 2013 4:22AM
    Aerodynamics is an easy concept to understand. Here is a simple test to show you how aerodynamics affects your truck going down the road. ...
  • Sprinter Source: Neely Coble Company
    Posted Jan 15th 2013 6:17AM
    Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I began our trucking career.   For fifteen years, we earned a good living driving team for mids...
  • Brrrrrrrrrrr! It's Cold Outside!
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 2nd 2013 4:01AM
    Many parts of the country are in full winter weather now, though so far mainly out west.   Wintertime brings its own challenges to truckers...
  • Driver’s Choice Award Winner
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 31st 2012 9:11AM
    To have a prize awarded a truck due to decisions by the judges at a truck show is exciting for the owners of the truck, to have a truck award...
  • Winter Cab Comfort
    By Sandy Long, staff writer
    Posted Oct 9th 2012 3:38AM
    With fuel at over $4.00 a gallon on average, anti idling laws becoming more prevalent, and government mandated fuel mileages on the horizon, the smart owner operator, fleet owner, or carrier is looking to cover all of the bases without sacrificing the driver’s comfort, health and safety.
  • The Dangerous Trio
    By Sandy Long, staff writer
    Posted Oct 2nd 2012 5:28AM
    In the world of trucking, an accident can cost you money and perhaps your career.   Accidents are unplanned; no one wakes up one mornin...
  • Rusty or restored, antique trucks illustrate living history
    By Shirley Sponholtz
    Posted Jul 3rd 2012 5:47AM
    Old Time Truck Show is a museum on wheels Old trucks are fun, and the Old Time Truck Show is bringing the fun to the 2012 Expedite Expo ...
  • Take the Guesswork Out of Oil
    By Tim Barton
    Posted Jul 1st 2012 3:28AM
    The need for lubrication is basic. Every owner operator worth his salt takes care to protect his livelihood with frequent oil drains. But new oils come out often, making it difficult to keep pace with oil technology.