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Truck Topics

  • Search And Seizure On The Road
    By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella
    Posted Nov 2nd 2001 5:38AM
    The gentlemen of Road Law tell us about our rights out there on the highway
  • Legends of the Road
    By Jeff McConnell
    Posted Oct 14th 2001 10:22AM
    Whatever your opinion is, when it comes to logbooks the Courts would likely say that protecting the public is more important than a commercial drivers right against self incrimination.
  • Mission of Mercy: Tri-State Expedited Service
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Sep 20th 2001 8:00AM
    With a police escort leading them to the interstate in a mini-parade, the three vehicles began their mission of mercy to the sounds of the crowd cheering.
  • Expediters Come To The Rescue
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Sep 15th 2001 7:04AM
    These are just the first few stories of what is still a developing event. Expediters will continue to report "expediting at it's finest" as events occur.