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Truck Topics

  • Trucker Acquitted In Fatal Crash
    Posted Aug 28th 2002 9:00AM
    The conclusion of a story involving real-life courtroom drama. It's also a scenario that could play out in any of our lives, too.
  • New USDOT Regulations On The Horizon. The Most Significant Law Changes Since 1995!
    By Jeff Schroeder
    Posted Aug 26th 2002 10:00AM
    Here is an analysis of the FMCSA's "New Entrant Safety Assurance Process" from Schroeder & Associates, expert authority practitioners and regulatory issue specialists.
  • CDL Final Rule Toughens Truckdriver Penalties
    By OOIDA and Land Line Magazine Staff
    Posted Aug 26th 2002 8:00AM
    Q and A: How tough is tough?
  • Understanding Fuel Taxes
    By Ellen Voie
    Posted Jul 30th 2002 10:00AM
    This veteran trucking author offers some common-sense information about IFTA and fuel taxes.
  • Betcha Didn't Know: Fast Facts About Lead-Acid Batteries
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Jul 25th 2002 11:00AM
    Impress your friends and family members with these key points about this energy storage technology! ***image1***
  • Universal Express Introduces The Intermodal Coach
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jul 21st 2002 9:00AM
    This entrepreneurial company has combined two traditional freight modalities. Will it work? Time will tell.
  • Owning Corporate Equipment
    By PBS Tax And Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Jul 17th 2002 10:00AM
    Some helpful advice from the tax professionals at PBS regarding incorporation, deductions and filing a return.
  • Andy's Road Initiation
    Posted Jul 10th 2002 6:00AM
    Andy just had his initiation to the road. Read about this dispatcher's ride-along and his impressions of the world of expediting.
  • Money, Money, Money
    By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella
    Posted Jul 5th 2002 9:00AM
    Is a certain New England state developing new "revenue streams" with the professional driver as the target? Some cautionary advice.
  • When Truckers Police The Roads
    By Paul Ruffin
    Posted Jun 7th 2002 4:00AM
    Originally printed in the Huntsville, Texas Item, these articles were reprinted in Land Line magazine last year. We felt the author painted an accurate picture of "zippers," and we think expediters will recognize the four-wheeler drivers described herein.