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Truck Topics

  • Growing Your Expedite Business: Factoring Fundamentals
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 10th 2002 10:38AM
    A factoring company purchases a business's commercial accounts receivable, then advances the cash to fund the business.
  • Authority - What is it and How Do you get your own authority?
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 2:59PM
    It has to be said at the outset that this path is not for all expediters, particularly those new to the industry. For the hard-working entrepreneur however, it can be a viable way to grow his business.
  • New Millenium, New Van
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 2:17PM
    The Freightliner Sprinter represents the first new Class 2 or 3 vehicle option that cargo van owner/operators in expediting have enjoyed in many years.
  • Kentucky has its eye on you!
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 2:03PM
    A frequently asked question among cargo van expediters is: "Do I have to go through the Kentucky scales?" In a word, yes.
  • Next Generation Expediting Van
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 1:57PM
    Freightliner, LLC, announced last summer that it will build and distribute the Sprinter Class 2 and 3 light commercial vans under the Freightliner name.
  • Understanding Insurance: FAQ
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 1:38PM
    Associate Editor Gary Addis Having never been an owner operator, like most consumers, I know only as much as I need to about the insurance bus...
  • Putting Technology to Work For You
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 1:24PM
    With a GPS receiver in your hand or mounted on your truck dash, a push of a button will show your exact location.
  • Expediting - The Other Side
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 11:02AM
    It's often easy to forget about the people who help make this business work. Here's a story about one of those folks who take care of the business and keep the wheels rolling.
  • Class 8 For Fast Freight
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 10:40AM
    Its big truck heritage is readily apparent with its full-size cab and integral 70' Raised Roof sleeper.
  • Test Drive - The New Acterra!
    By Road Star Magazine
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 10:27AM
    The car-type feel extends to the dash and soft trim around the cab. It is a no-nonsense setup with easy-clean vinyl throughout and rubber floor mats, but there are coat hooks and a storage unit between the seats. A corporate EzyRider air-suspension seat eased the ride in this air-braked tractor.