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Truck Topics

  • Hair Follicle Testing Draws Supporters

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Nov 11th 2013 2:17AM
    While any change to procedures in long standing always carries controversy, hair testing will eventually become common i
  • To Trade, Sell, Upgrade, or Not (published in en10.6)

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 28th 2013 9:55AM
    Nothing is easy in trucking, not the job, keeping the equipment up, or deciding to sell, trade, or upgrade. Get advice
  • New Hours of Service: A Little Chaotic and Confusing

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 5th 2013 12:26AM
    While the intentions of the FMCSA might be good, there is a lot of confusion and concerns especially about the new resta
  • Being Courteous Equals Being Safe

    By Sandy Long - staff writer
    Posted Oct 4th 2013 12:22AM
    There appears to be a trend in the industry that is growing, the lack of courtesy for other drivers. This...
  • 8 Cliches About Expediting

    By Lee Kurtzman
    Posted Aug 11th 2013 4:21AM
    If you can find a good, mechanically sound, used truck to run for your first year or two in the business, you'll be able