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Truck Topics

  • Say goodbye to the joy of shifting
    By By Scott Loftis
    Posted May 10th 2012 10:42AM
    Professional truck drivers deal with plenty of occupational stress, from delivery deadlines to fuel costs to watching out for dangers on the road. ...
  • The Power Deck introduces new product
    By Carol Hill
    Posted Apr 25th 2012 9:35AM
    The Makers of the Power Deck present Wheelhouse Guards! Prote...
  • Properly Installing a Car Alarm in your Sleeper
    By Guest Writer
    Posted Apr 25th 2012 1:20AM
    Spending as much time on the road as we do means that we bring our lives and valuables with us. In this present day that means a lot of personal items and expensive electronics and they need to be protected.
  • Tire Maintenance 101
    By Bob Caffee
    Posted Apr 20th 2012 4:36AM
    Tire maintenance? What's that? Just a walk by and, yup they are still black, or are they still there? Or maybe take that mini bat and give them a good whack? That is how some drivers do it, but for a truck owner, tires are a very important part of keeping your truck in service and a large expense.
  • Things You Need to Ask When Searching for a Carrier
    By Jason McGlone
    Posted Apr 2nd 2012 3:33PM
    There are often little surprises that can happen during your relationship with any carrier. These seem to happen most often when you don't ask questions of your recruiter, or, perhaps more accurately, don't ask the right questions.
  • Four Myths about driving faster to save time
    By Author Unknown
    Posted Oct 25th 2011 5:00AM
    Driving fast may cause you to think you're more alert, but the added stress and pressure that comes with passing unaware motorists and avoid...
  • Oil Analysis: A Worthwhile Investment
    By Scott Loftis/Staff Writer
    Posted Jun 15th 2011 1:07AM
    Regular maintenance is a necessity for truck owners — whether it be a large fleet or an independent owner-operator. This maintenance can be expe...
  • The Tool Box - Oil
    By Bob Caffee
    Posted Mar 29th 2011 5:37AM
    Oil - Which one is best? Oil is one of those things most people don't think about too much. A recent post got me to thinking about oil and oi...
  • Custom Rigs: Worth It or Not?
    By Jason McGlone
    Posted Feb 28th 2011 3:16AM
    Ah, the custom rig. In some ways, it can be akin to the 1950’s pinup attached to the teenage boy’s wall: an ideal, a dream, something to aspire to. Custom rigs, no matter the customizations, are a reflection of what you want in a truck: they come with everything you want, how you want it. They’re essentially the perfect truck for you. Of course, they also come with something else: a not-quite-as-beautiful price tag.
  • Involved in an accident? Make the best of a bad situation
    By Scott Loftis/Staff Writer
    Posted Feb 15th 2011 9:02AM
    Accidents happen, even to the most safety-conscious professional driver. When they do, keeping your head and knowing what steps to take can help you m...