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Truck Topics

  • Expedite Trucking 101

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 12th 2014 2:38AM
    Expedite trucking is thought to be by most not in the know, as only straight trucks doing rapid freight movement. While
  • When a Good Load Goes Bad

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 10th 2014 3:44AM
    We all have them if one drives long enough: those loads booked, loaded and scheduled by those in the Murphy family or th
  • Getting Through a DOT Inspection

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 27th 2014 3:32AM
    DOT inspections are part of being a truck driver and something that has to be faced and dealt with. Knowledge of what i
  • Razor International USA: Electronic Landing Leg Systems

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 1st 2014 4:16AM
    Razor landing leg systems are ideally suited for the expediter truck. With time being of the essence, an expediter can
  • EOBRs, ELDs Spells Controversy

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Sep 8th 2014 3:39AM
    The debate on mandatory electronic logging devices has been going on for a long time. Drivers are either for them or ag