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Truck Topics

  • A Race In Space: Satellite Radio
    By Lisa Brooks
    Posted Jan 11th 2002 8:00AM
    An update of the satellite radio competition; the state of this new industry and what the companies are offering the consumer.
  • An Alternate Method of Buying a Truck: The Housworth Method
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jan 9th 2002 5:00AM
    The Housworths believe in straight talk and beinghonest with their drivers; they tell them that the driver's dependability and motivation are essential for success, but that this business can also be "a great adventure."
  • End Of Year Tax Groundwork
    By PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Jan 8th 2002 5:23AM
    You may be accounting for all your expenses, but are you getting all the deductions to which you are entitled
  • Expedite Freight Industry Review
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jan 4th 2002 9:00AM
    Despite the bad news, Broughton said we could see some recovery in the general economy before summer 2002. But the bottom line, all three agreed, is gloomy trending toward grim for some time to come.
  • I Fought The Law And The Law Won
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jan 4th 2002 4:00AM
    "Usually, the owner/operator or driver has a conviction in his/her past, sometimes going back many years, and it's when they attempt to sign on with an expediting company, that this record comesback to haunt them."
  • How To Get a Square Deal on a Straight Truck
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Dec 21st 2001 9:00AM
    If you're considering a used expediting truck, there are some things you should know. We consulted some of the experts in the business and they tell us that there are some bargains available in used trucks at the present time, but you've got to be a careful shopper.
  • Couldn't See The Forest Through The Trees
    By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella
    Posted Dec 17th 2001 4:00AM
    When you're stopped for a ticket that you don't think you deserve, it's natural to want to argue with the officer on the spot. It's natural to want to explain, in great detail, how you couldn't possibly be guilty.
  • Highway Dangers To Remember
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Dec 13th 2001 3:00AM
    Many times, one accident precipitates others. If there is an accident in your lane or on your side of a divided highway, you may be confronted with drivers ahead that slow significantly or slam on their brakes and stop.
  • A Sprinter hits the expediting road
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Dec 10th 2001 7:00AM
    Alan Gordy just made the move from a big truck to a cargo van, but it's still a Freightliner.
  • How To Cheat The Wind And Increase MPG
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Nov 14th 2001 7:00AM
    Pneumatic technology, open-cavity boat tails, Air Tabs....these are all related to the idea of getting that truck through the air a little more cleanly.