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Truck Topics

  • Bob and Linda Caffee: Why Stoops Freightliner, Fort Wayne Indiana?
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jul 7th 2014 3:33AM
    When they decided to upgrade to a 2015 Class 8 Cascadia Evolution, they chose to return to Stoops Freightliner.
  • Adequate Communication
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jun 3rd 2014 4:04AM
    Back in the day, communication with dispatchers was one of the most hated things a driver had to do. This was not because they did not want or need to talk to dispatchers or brokers, but because of the hassle involved in it. One would unload then have to find a pay phone somewhere that had truck parking and wait their turn at the phone. This at times meant standing in line for an hour or so in all types of weather only to be told to call back in an hour.
  • First: Preplan Your Trip
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 28th 2014 1:52PM
    Once a driver gets used to preplanning their trip properly, it does not take but a very few minutes to preplan a trip. Furthermore, as the driver gains mental knowledge of the routes from point A to point B, where the fuel stops are and what states they will be running in, preplanning becomes second nature and almost instinctive.
  • The Sticky Question of Stronger Training Regulations
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 18th 2014 4:16AM

    Successful truck driver training is the basis for highway safety and should not be so hard to understand or accept by the FMCSA who is supposedly all about highway safety.
  • Act Not React
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 14th 2014 3:36PM
    Being able to act instead of react is always safer for both you and those driving around you. By watching what is going on to the sides, ahead and behind of you, using the appropriate tools and having a good plan in mind, you stand a much better chance of arriving on time and alive at your destination.
  • Regulated Days of Yesterday
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Apr 4th 2014 2:25AM
    With the many changes in the trucking industry, many people are talking about ”˜the good ”˜ol days’ when trucking was regulated and wish for a return to those times. I started my otr driving career in 1982, two years after deregulation so did not experience those times. This wishing of some sent me on a quest to learn about regulation and deregulation and the effects on the industry.
  • A Shot in the Dark?
    By Sandy Long - staff writer
    Posted Feb 20th 2014 1:35AM
    In February 2014, an anonymous tip led police to a residence at 20th and New Jersey in Kansas City Kansas. The tip said there was a body in a freezer at the residence in the detached garage. Police did find a body in the freezer who was subsequently identified as the missing truck driver Lawrence Muirhead.
  • Friend or Foe
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 27th 2014 3:58AM
    Dealing with law enforcement can be a little like doing water ballet with a shark, whether it bites you or not depends on its mood, how close you are and how hungry it is. It was not always this way. In the good old days, most officers knew their role in the game of trucking just as drivers did and played, for the most part, fairly. These days, one never knows whether that officer stopping you will be your friend or your foe.
  • Hair Follicle Testing Draws Supporters
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Nov 11th 2013 2:17AM
    While any change to procedures in long standing always carries controversy, hair testing will eventually become common in the workplace as more carriers start using hair testing. Anything to promote safety on the highways, and drugs are still an issue with some drivers coming into the industry so the writing is on the wall.
  • To Trade, Sell, Upgrade, or Not (published in en10.6)
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 28th 2013 9:55AM
    Nothing is easy in trucking, not the job, keeping the equipment up, or deciding to sell, trade, or upgrade. Get advice from the professionals in your life, your tax consultant, your dealership and your carrier before making the final decision on whether to trade, sell, upgrade, or keep the truck you have.