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Truck Topics

  • Time To Control Your Costs
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:59PM
    “The best advice I can give anybody planning to become an owner/operator,” said Marvin Groves, “is to look before you leap. It's not as easy as it looks."
  • A New Way to Stay Warm This Winter
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:42PM
    For those with older trucks or inefficient heating systems, keeping the sleeper at a comfortable temperature is an ongoing problem and for those out there in the gas-engined vans, many are understandably reluctant to idle all night, often resorting to propane heaters and the like.
  • Software Tools For Owner Operators
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:08PM
    The EZ Trucking software is well-designed and user-friendly. It's comprehensive and complete, offering the user complete record-keeping ability in an easy to use format. If you've been considering an accounting software purchase, definitely give these a test run.
  • Road Etiquette - Where Are Your Manners?
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 2:52PM
    Have you noticed that, while everyone wants to be a hero, fewer than one person in three hundred stops to help a retiree change a tire? Can you even remember the last time you offered a helping hand to someone in need?
  • Before You Sign...That Lease!
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 2:21PM
    Many Owner/Operators have discovered to their dismay what they consider to be "hidden charges" or company policies hidden in the legal language of a lease agreement that, with a little bit of research, they would have been aware of, and would have helped greatly in their decision to sign on with that company.
  • Product Spotlight: HotShot by Microheat
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Oct 5th 2002 5:00AM
    Trying to keep that windshield clear of ice and snow in winter, and bugs and dirt in summer is a never-ending battle. There is however, a Michigan company that might just have a device that takes care of those problems and it will be on the market soon.
  • B Unit Summer Solutions!
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Sep 30th 2002 2:27PM
    As any owner of a B unit can attest, vans can be a rolling steam bath in the summertime; a few hours in direct sunlight can make the temperature in these metal boxes on wheels intolerable with the only option of heat relief being the operation of the A/C on full blast.
  • 5 Things I Would Tell A Wannabe About This Business.
    By Jeff Jensen-Editor
    Posted Sep 25th 2002 3:25PM
    Expediters took an informal poll of expediters regarding the question "What 5 things would you tell an expediting wannabe about this business?" Their answers are not in order of importance.
  • The Future of Vans In Expediting
    By Jeff Jensen-Editor
    Posted Sep 25th 2002 2:26PM
    What's the future of Vans/"B" units in expediting? This is a question that has been raised more frequently over the last several years, both by the cargo van O/O's and by the straight truck O/O's who are hauling van freight on a regular basis.
  • Who's Going To Drive That Truck?
    By James Mennella and Jeff McConnell
    Posted Sep 7th 2002 5:00AM
    There are some changes on the horizon that will effect every CDL holder and professional driver. The rules are about to get tougher and the attorneys at Road Law have some sobering information for all of us.