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  • Carrier profits in 2017 gained big in second half of year
    By James Jaillet -
    Posted Feb 19th 2018 12:40PM
    Some of the country’s largest carriers saw their revenues and incomes climb in 2017 from 2016, with nearly all of the growth coming in the second ha...
  • ‘Everything Is on the Table’ in Infrastructure Plan, Chao Says
    By Eugene Mulero, Staff Reporter - Transport Topics
    Posted Feb 15th 2018 4:24PM
    But Gas Tax 'Is Not Ideal' The country’s top transportation officer assured reporters the president had not dismissed a thorny funding proposal ahea...
  • Trump shows willingness to raise fuel taxes
    By The Associated Press
    Posted Feb 15th 2018 1:11PM
    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday signaled his openness to a 25-cent fuel tax increase to help pay for his infrastructure proposal. S...
  • Detroit Connect update enables changes, reports to be made over the air
    By The Trucker Staff
    Posted Feb 15th 2018 1:09PM
    PORTLAND, Ore. — Detroit Connect Remote Updates is now available exclusively for the new Freightliner Cascadia spec’d with Detroit engines. With R...
  • FTR Finds Maxed-Out Capacity in Latest Trucking Conditions Index
    Posted Feb 14th 2018 10:57AM
    FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index rebounded in December to a reading of 9.2, reflecting a full capacity environment with strong freight demand. Capaci...
  • FMCSA has a new boss: Senate confirms Martinez to run agency under Trump
    By James Jaillet -
    Posted Feb 14th 2018 10:37AM
    Raymond P. Martinez, President Trump’s choice to head the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in his administration, has been confirmed by t...
  • Trump Infrastructure Plan Promotes Tolling
    By Eugene Mulero, Staff Reporter - Transport Topics
    Posted Feb 12th 2018 3:14PM
    The Trump White House’s highly anticipated infrastructure funding plan released Feb. 12 calls for states to be given flexibility from federal tollin...
  • Amazon Moves to Launch Its Own Delivery Fleet
    By Jack Roberts -
    Posted Feb 12th 2018 3:00PM
    As if delivery drones weren’t enough, Amazon seems set on causing further disruption in the trucking and logistics industry. Reports emerged late la...
  • Truck Financing
    What Expediters Should Know About Truck Financing
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Feb 12th 2018 10:00AM
    When it comes to purchasing an expediter truck, negotiating the best price is just one-half of the equation; the other-half has to do with financing....
  • Mercedes-Benz Unveils Next-Gen Sprinter Van
    By Paul Clinton -
    Posted Feb 8th 2018 9:22AM
    Mercedes-Benz unveiled its third-generation Sprinter today in Duisburg, Germany, at the junction of the Rhine and Ruhr rivers, as a versatile full-siz...