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Average price of diesel spikes again, topping $4.10 a gallon nationally

By Kimberely Lennard, Staff Writer - LandLine
Posted Feb 12th 2013 7:22AM

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports the national average price of diesel at $4.104, an increase of 8.2 cents over last week and 16.1 cents above the same week last year.

This marks the fourth consecutive week the national average of diesel has increased. The national average has increased 21 cents per gallon since its most recent low of $3.894 reported on Jan. 14.

The Rocky Mountain region saw a spike of 12 cents per gallon, but remained the lowest nationwide at $3.964. The New England region saw the smallest increase at 2.9 cents. California prices again ranked highest at $4.331.

The price of diesel as reported by EIA for each region is as follows:

U.S. – $4.104,up 8.2 cents East Coast – $4.152, up 6.4 cents New England – $4.266, up 2.9 cents Central Atlantic – $4.216, up 5.1 cents Lower Atlantic – $4.083, up 8.2 cents Midwest – $4.080, up 10.2 cents Gulf Coast – $3.997, up 5.6 cents Rocky Mountain – $3.964, up 12 cents West Coast – $4.265, up 9.9 cents West Coast less California – $4.187, up 11.1 cents California – $4.331, up 8.9 cents

ProMiles, which surveys diesel prices daily at 9,400 truck stops, reported diesel prices at $4.105, an increase of 1.1 cents overnight and 8.5 cents above this past Monday. This is an increase of just over 20 cents in the past two weeks.

Nevada saw the biggest increase this past week at 3.2 cents, according to ProMiles. Connecticut drivers paid $4.551 while diesel prices in Montana averaged $3.385, a difference of $1.16 per gallon.

In separate energy news, midday trading in New York showed light sweet crude oil prices at $96.90, an increase of $1.18 over Friday and 65 cents over Monday. Light sweet crude is the type most commonly associated with diesel production.


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