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Driver Lifestyles

  • You Might Be an Expediter if...
    By Lee Kurtzmann-Associate Editor
    Posted Sep 25th 2002 2:56PM
    More Expediter Humor - Everyone knows the popular Jeff Foxworthy series - "You might be a redneck if..."
    Well, we've got our own version.
  • The Lure of the Open Road
    By Ellen Voie
    Posted Sep 8th 2002 7:00AM
    For the past six years, Sharon and Rick have been driving as a team for a Wisconsin based carrier. When asked for advice for wives who want to share their husband's career she warned, "It isn't what you think it is."
  • Racing Perspectives - Mike Harmon Speaks About His Crash and Career
    By Marty Tyler, Staff Writer
    Posted Sep 3rd 2002 10:00AM
    Mike Harmon Speaks About His Crash and Career
  • And The Chase Is On...
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Aug 18th 2002 8:00AM
    This Indiana-based couple has only been expediting about a year, but they've already had an adventure most expediters never experience.
  • Driver Profile: Scott Hancock
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Aug 7th 2002 9:00AM
    "I enjoy driving because, during the time spent behind the wheel, I can think ahead and make plans for the future."
  • Happy In Their Work: The Stories Of Three Con-Way NOW Teams
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Aug 2nd 2002 5:00AM
    "Con-Way NOW was the only company who really seemed interested in us. The recruiter was a young man who treated us as though we were something special. He was very patient and answered all of our questions." - Spence Kennedy
  • Sunshine and Friendship In Seville
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jul 27th 2002 5:00AM
    "I think the Driver Appreciation Days are a great idea! It's nice to see a company who values the owner/operators in expediting and shows it." - Bob Worthington, Panther II Owner/Operator.
  • Picnic In The Park: Express-1 Feeds The Multitudes
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jul 27th 2002 4:00AM
    "Our contractors and employees appreciate our picnic; it helps us to get to know them and to relate to them on a personal level." - Express-1 President Mike Welch.
  • A Voice In The Night
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jul 24th 2002 9:30AM
    "Dave is real, what you hear on the radio is who he is in person. His respect for the industry is heartfelt and that creates loyalty among his listening audience." - Micki McIntyre, Nemo business associate
  • Driver Profile - Tony Celender
    By Jeff Jensen - Editor
    Posted Jul 19th 2002 7:01AM
    Entrepreneur: "A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture."

    "Looking back, my only regret is that I didn’t get into this industry sooner," Tony reflects. "In my opinion, this type of work is here to stay and to only improve."