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Driver Lifestyles

  • Occupational Health Hazard: Deep Vein Thrombosis

    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 16th 2013 5:26AM
    What do people who fly long distances, elderly people and truck drivers have in common, the possibility of developing de
  • Killing Time the High Tech Way

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Apr 24th 2013 6:42AM
    In today’s high tech world, killing time is easier than ever before.
  • The Wonderful World of Trucking Pets

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Mar 27th 2013 5:58AM
    Pets offer not only companionship, but health benefits too. It is a well know fact that stroking a pet can lower blood
  • Things Not Often Taught to New Drivers: Part Two

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Mar 1st 2013 9:19AM
    In part one of this series of tips, we looked at things like crossing scales, how to clean a windshield, truck stop guid
  • The Life of a Recruiter

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Feb 12th 2013 8:32AM
    There are two types of recruiters in the trucking industry: company recruiters who work out of a company office, and thi