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Driver Lifestyles

  • It's The Holidays! Don't Stress Out!

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 20th 2013 3:56AM
    Truck drivers are under stress every day of their working lives. Traffic, schedules, regulations, other people’s
  • Slamming the Curtains Just Does Not Work

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 16th 2013 8:24AM
    There are many benefits to running team. One is never alone, one has someone to take over in case of illness or fatigue
  • Dealing with Family Issues from the Road

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Aug 16th 2013 5:52AM
    Driving down the road, under a hot load, your phone rings. You answer only to hear your brother sobbing that his oldest
  • Easy Trucker Friendly Recipes for a Cookout or Reunion

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jul 3rd 2013 4:45AM
    Whether you are going to a family reunion, a sports event, the Expedite Expo Driver Sponsored BBQ (July 27th after the s
  • A Week in the Life of a Female Truck Driver

    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jun 14th 2013 3:57AM
    Running solo after so many years of having a co driver was a definite change; no one to talk to, depend on, help do the