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Driver Lifestyles

  • Sexual Harassment Affects Both Genders
    By Sandy Long
    Posted May 5th 2014 3:57AM
    Avoiding sexual harassment takes people treating others in the workplace with respect no matter the gender. Also, it takes understanding what sexual harassment is in context with the job and being able to define the difference between someone being attracted to you or using their position to harass you. Document the harassment if it occurs and do report it if necessary, it will make the workplace better for everyone.

  • Fighting Boredom the Old Fashion Way
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Apr 3rd 2014 10:38AM
    Laying over is the bane of a truck driver’s existence, and finding creative ways to fill those times takes imagination. Many go to the new technology to kill time, but there are a multitude of old fashioned hobbies that can adapt to the trucking lifestyle.
  • Divorces, Avoiding Break Ups and Long Time Marriages
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Feb 6th 2014 3:45AM
    Maintaining a successful relationship while one is a driver is like tap dancing thru a minefield. On both partner’s parts, it takes utmost consideration of the other person’s needs, complete trust and dedication to keeping the relationship strong and communication. Like driving across the George Washington Bridge in New York City in rush hour traffic, it is not easy, but it can be done as long as one remains patient.
  • Hidden Treasures-Sightseeing from the Truck
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 27th 2014 2:03AM
    One of the joys of being a truck driver is the ability to visit many different places while being paid for it. While there is not a lot of time to actually stop and see an attraction very often, many great scenic sights can be seen through the windshield.
  • Occupational Health Hazards: The Left Side of a Driver’s Body
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 8th 2014 4:11AM
    Drivers, especially truckers of all sorts, have something in common; health hazards that may only affect the left side of the body. The sun, pressure and overuse can not only cause terrific pain and paralysis, one hazard can cause death.
  • It's The Holidays! Don't Stress Out!
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 20th 2013 3:56AM
    Truck drivers are under stress every day of their working lives. Traffic, schedules, regulations, other people’s attitudes, and the driver’s health all combine to create stress; when a driver goes home, the stress changes to getting everything done before it is time to leave. Holidays add even more stress and some may feel overloaded.
  • Slamming the Curtains Just Does Not Work
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Dec 16th 2013 8:24AM
    There are many benefits to running team. One is never alone, one has someone to take over in case of illness or fatigue, one has someone to help with the work outside of the seat and one has someone to call on in dangerous situations. On the flip side, one is never or rarely alone and those 8x8 cabs can get awfully small and tight with two people trying to occupy the same space.
  • Dealing with Family Issues from the Road
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Aug 16th 2013 5:52AM
    Driving down the road, under a hot load, your phone rings. You answer only to hear your brother sobbing that his oldest son committed suicide. You are shocked; you quickly think of where you are going, the opposite way from home. You want to get there, but the load has to go. What do you do?
  • Easy Trucker Friendly Recipes for a Cookout or Reunion
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jul 3rd 2013 4:45AM
    Whether you are going to a family reunion, a sports event, the Expedite Expo Driver Sponsored BBQ (July 27th after the show) or just parked up joining in a truck stop cookout, having some easy recipes in your culinary repertoire for dishes to share can provide extra time to have more fun.
  • A Week in the Life of a Female Truck Driver
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jun 14th 2013 3:57AM
    Running solo after so many years of having a co driver was a definite change; no one to talk to, depend on, help do the heavy work and most importantly, no one to take up for me if there was trouble. As an acquaintance says though, ”˜it does not matter to the truck what gender the driver is’, so I persevered.