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Driver Lifestyles

  • Driver Profile – Experiences in a Cube Van
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 8th 2002 10:53AM
    "With our little truck we can go places most of the bigger trucks are not allowed, and most of the truck stops will allow us to park in the car parking."
  • A Christmas Sleeper Wishlist
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:25PM
    Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to approach strange ladies in truckstops--they are often accompanied by very large, very jealous husbands. But one of the two fillies loafing in the hall was my own spouse.
  • More Than a Driver - He's an Expediter!
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:24PM
    "I like the freedom of this kind of work. There's no nine-to-five grind, I've traveled more in the last six years than ever before in my life. You know, I'd never seen a mountain before I started in expediting." - Ron Chiles
  • Christmas Wishes - A Drivers View
    By Gary Addis - Contributing Writer
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:18PM
    “If I tell you what I want for Christmas, will you let me watch the program?” I nodded vigorously. He said, “I wish I had a new partner. Feller over there? the grouch in the red plaid shirt? Well, he's my co-driver. Can you believe he got mad because I wanted to watch a little television?”
  • Diesel...Lifeblood of the Nation
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 7th 2002 2:14PM
    Diesel is a highly efficient source of energy. The BTU rating of diesel surpasses that of all other carbon-based liquids, including gasoline. It ain't perfect, though-- no fuel is.
  • Your 12 Point Plan for Success
    By Stephan Iscoe
    Posted Sep 30th 2002 2:36PM
    No business and no individual becomes successful by accident. Success requires making a plan and sticking to it. It is simple, but does require commitment; it is not hard to do, but does require hard work.
  • All Night Entertainment!
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Sep 27th 2002 3:56PM
    How many times during those all night runs have you punched the scan button on the truck radio in search of something to keep you awake and alert? Something besides the music that was putting you to sleep, and something other than the goofy shows talking about UFO's or even Dr. Laura and her advice to the dysfunctional? Well, check out "The Boze!"
  • Dispatchers & Drivers
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Sep 27th 2002 3:08PM
    To paraphrase a song of the 1960's, show me a driver who has a good dispatcher, I'll show you a dispatcher who has a good driver. Here's this perspective from the world of truckload transportation.
  • Truckers and Expediters...Can't we all just get along?
    By Gary Addis-Associate Editor
    Posted Sep 26th 2002 3:36PM
    I've been a member of the editorial staff of On Time Media, LLC for several months. By now you've read (and enjoyed, I hope) a few of my short stories and feature articles. Some of you apparently are dismayed that I liberally employ the term "trucker" and so seldom type the word "expediter."
    By Gary Addis-Associate Editor
    Posted Sep 26th 2002 3:06PM
    On the evening of March 23rd a young man hell-bent on destroying his own life for the dubious pleasures of a moment stole a car and, fleeing from local police, ran a stop sign. If he had blinked when he saw the flashing blue lights in his mirror if he had hesitated for just that one one-thousandth of a second...