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Driver Lifestyles

  • Happy Holidays from Expediters!
    By Lawrence McCord, General Manager
    Posted Dec 22nd 2003 4:11AM
    To you, the Expediters Online visitor:
    We hope you had a very good 2003 and we hope that 2004 is even better! We want you to drive safely, enjoy your Expediting career and make lots of money.
    Thank you for making EO the top-rated site in Expediting and one of the most-visited trucking-related Internet destinations.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
  • A Successful Business Starts With a Plan
    By Kevin Rutherford - The Alliance
    Posted Dec 12th 2003 8:52AM
    Most people who become Owner/Operators don't have a specific plan on how they are going to run their business. It's been said that by failing to plan, you are planning to fail. This is very true when it comes to making the transition from company driver to O/O.

    The number one key to success is treating your new venture as a business and having a plan in writing before you ever spend your first nickel. (Or quarter due to inflation)
  • "Dieseldiva" and "Doggiedaddy": A driver profile
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Nov 12th 2003 9:09AM
    "I took another job with an owner-operator who had a lot of east coast to west coast work, but I think I took the job because the guy had a great-looking Kenworth tractor with a double sleeper."

    "It was nice to drive fancy equipment, but people in the moving business have to work too hard. It was tough to load furniture all day, then jump in the truck and drive all night."
  • Is WiFi the future?
    By Lee Kurtzmann, Associate Editor
    Posted Sep 26th 2003 6:49AM
    In its promotional material, Flying J states that the WiFi system is "the most convenient method for accessing the Internet. No more busy signals and no more waiting on slow modem connections!"

    "Now you can check your email and surf the web with lightning fast access. "High-Speed" Access is available from almost anywhere at Flying J, including the comfort of your truck cab and inside Flying J Travel Plazas."
  • Driver Profile: Tony Gossard
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Aug 22nd 2003 8:56AM
    "I don't turn down any loads because I still make a profit on those short runs. I know from having my own construction company that if I go into someone's home and tell them -'I'll do your roof, but I won't replace that electrical outlet, it doesn't pay enough money' - they'll get someone else to do both of them."

    "You don't get great runs every time, but that's business. If you take those shorter loads, you'll also get the longer runs; it balances out."
  • Clayton's New Ride
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jul 18th 2003 5:08AM
    "I remember when Clayton first called Tri-State about getting into expediting. We told him that if he could meet all the qualifications (DOT physical, CDL, etc.), you're in. Clayton and the folks at Freedom Express made a real commitment to this business, because they had to take delivery of the specially-equipped truck before he had passed his tests."

    "They really went out on a limb, and it worked out for him." - Greg Hermes, Tri-State Expedited Service
  • Expediters takes to the road!
    By Expediters staff
    Posted Jun 16th 2003 11:07AM
    The summer season means picnics, get-togethers and company outings. Here's the info on two of them from the summer calendar and Expediters will be there to award great prizes!

    Expediters's editor, Jeff Jensen, will be covering the event for the web site, and will also hold a drawing for an XM Satellite Radio, courtesy of Expediters

  • World's Best Barbecue Contests
    By The Travel Channel
    Posted Jun 9th 2003 11:19AM
    The "Superbowl of Swine" draws 90,000 spectators and the winners of some 50 contests sanctioned by "Memphis In May," an organization that deems pork cooked solidly over wood (preferably) or charcoal the only true barbecue."

    "The competition consists of three pork-only categories — whole hog, shoulder, ribs — plus a Patio Porkers division that pits backyard barbecuers against cook-off-quality chefs."
  • Driver Profile: Still Expediting and Loving It!
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jun 4th 2003 11:48AM
    Jim and Norah Bell of Travelers Rest, SC fit easily into the "veteran expediter" category. The couple is celebrating their 14th year in this industry, and has accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of the business of emergency freight.

    Jim says somewhat jokingly that a key part of expediting freight is customer mistakes. At the time of this interview, he was enroute with an emergency delivery - a 20 pound bottle of compressed gas that he picked up at one of Landstar's sister freight companies. He says, "Because of someone's error, what would have cost them $20.00 to ship is now costing them $1,500.00!”
  • Negotiating the price of your soul
    By Penelope Trunk -
    Posted May 23rd 2003 7:23AM
    The business people of expediting have made career and lifestyle choices that many would regard as being "unconventional." They come to this business for reasons that include, job dissatisfaction, retirement, a longing for their own business, etc.

    The author relates both her career story and that of her husband; the choices they've made and the choices they're contemplating.