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Dollars & Sense

  • Trucking In The Digital World
    By Rene Tankersley, Feature Editor
    Posted Jan 6th 2003 9:00AM
    The newest offerings in trucking software allow the professional driver to keep better records and make more informed decisions by using the latest in technology.
  • Retirement Planning and Tax Tips
    By PBS Tax & Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Dec 18th 2002 8:00AM
    The helpful folks at PBS have trucking-related and general info tax tips to pass along.
  • Protecting Your Financial Privacy
    By Gary Foreman
    Posted Dec 3rd 2002 10:00AM
    Criminals have learned to take your personal information and use it to commit identity theft. In 1998 that was made a federal crime. Over 1 million people will be victimized this year.
  • Your Insurance Claim - medical insights and expenses
    By Dan Baldyga
    Posted Nov 22nd 2002 8:00AM
    It's a proven fact that the vast majority of truck accidents cause minor injuries. While bodily injury pain can be specifically measured, the limits of what you can endure cannot.
  • Scrooge's Christmas List
    By Gary Foreman
    Posted Nov 12th 2002 5:00AM
    Part of the problem for all of us is that most of the people that we buy for already enjoy material wealth. They truly "don't need anything".
  • Top 10 ways to waste money on the road
    By Rene Tankersley, Feature Editor
    Posted Nov 10th 2002 3:00AM
    Do you really need a $600 CB with enough power to reach the moon? Owner-operators' opinions vary, but they all agree on one thing – if you can't afford it, don't buy it
  • PrePass: What is it and does it benefit the expediter?
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Oct 30th 2002 4:00AM
    The PrePass web site even estimates the time saving for the PrePass user (based on 3 scale stops bypassed in a day) at 7.5% improvement in driving time, daily and weekly.
  • Skimming Your Identity: Learn how to guard against this growing crime
    Posted Oct 28th 2002 6:00AM
    Learn how to protect yourself from credit card theft and fraud with these tips from the credit experts - True Credit
  • Profitable Expediting and Trucking
    By PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Oct 28th 2002 3:00AM
    The financial experts at PBS offer some tips on how to calculate your cost per mile and increase your level of profitability.
  • Boomer Caused Market Collapse
    By Gary Foreman
    Posted Oct 17th 2002 8:00AM
    This money expert looks at the baby boomer's retirement accounts and whether they'll cause a stock market collapse when they begin to sell their holdings.