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Dollars & Sense

  • Insurance Adjusters: How They Work And How They Think
    By Dan Baldyga
    Posted Jul 28th 2002 11:00AM
    Don't let a sweet talking insurance adjuster manipulate you into feeling good about your relationship with him and the eventual outcome of your claim. An expert tells you how the game is played.
  • Employee Vs Independent Contractor
    By PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Jul 23rd 2002 9:00AM
    Here are some guidelines to use to determine whether one is an independent contractor or an employee.
  • Getting Reimbursed For Your “Pain And Suffering”
    By Dan Baldyga
    Posted Jul 21st 2002 8:00AM
    If you've ever gone "eyeball to eyeball" with an insurance company over a claim, you'll find the following info from an insurance claims expert very interesting!