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Dollars & Sense

  • Filling The Empty Miles

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Oct 6th 2008 4:52AM
    Jim Van and Dee Coston are feeling the pinch. The couple, who team as independent owner operators with locations in Spri
  • Protecting Your Assets

    Posted Aug 21st 2008 2:19AM
    When it comes to protecting your assets there is no single iron clad action you can do to protect yourself completely. I
  • Tax Tips: Mid Year

    Posted Aug 4th 2008 3:47AM
    You should be getting your paperwork ready for taxes throughout the year and you should know the financial results of yo
  • Trim Those Expenses

    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jul 7th 2008 4:23AM
    Becoming a successful expedited owner-operator isn't as simple as buying a truck and heading out on the open road to mee
  • Your IRS Rebate

    Posted Jun 2nd 2008 4:10AM
    President Bush recently signed the long awaited tax stimulus package which is designed to put money into the pockets of