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Carrier Profiles

  • Strong Growth for Express-1
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Feb 1st 2007 5:02AM
    Express-1 of Buchanan, Michigan just keeps on growing.

    Founded in 1989 by CEO Mike Welch, the carrier, which began as a local two-cargo van operation has grown into a publicly-traded company with nationwide coverage.

    Now is an appropriate time to catch up with the company's growth and new programs.
  • Image is Everything
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jan 18th 2007 6:19PM
    After an expedited carrier's sales force has secured a new account, the only carrier representative the new customer is likely to see (on a regular basis) is the driver picking up the customer's shipments.

    The expedited driver then becomes the "face" of the carrier and with the exception of the telephonic voice of the carrier's customer representative, is the primary point of contact.
  • Epes Express Services
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jan 17th 2007 10:21AM
    "The majority of our company equipment is to support the local operations of both terminals," says the General Manager.

    "Our company drivers really don't compete with our owner-operators because the majority of the company drivers are involved in local or temperature-control freight. Our company drivers operate both straight trucks and tractors."
  • Turri Transportation
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Dec 18th 2006 6:44AM
    "We try to plan for our trucks to be productive every week. Because we have a small fleet, we can give individual attention to each owner-operator. We want all of our trucks to be profitable so each truck is planned individually."

    "We don't try to talk our drivers into taking a load to an area where we know he could be stuck for a week, waiting for a load."

    "We're different in what most expedite carriers offer," says the president. "We have a wide variety of freight opportunities with some exciting programs available for straight trucks with plenty of freight for that truck size. In addition, we have both dedicated and expedited freight for tractor-trailers."

    - Vince Turri
  • An Entrepreneur's Perspective
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Nov 17th 2006 6:21AM
    "We fight for every load that we get - it's not an easy thing. When we go out to find new work, I ask the potential customer about his volume of freight and what kind of price they're looking for."

    "If they tell me they're after the cheapest price, I'll turn around and walk out, it doesn't bother me."

    "We never claim to be the cheapest carrier, just a good solid carrier that will give the customer everything he wants." - Bob Stark
  • A Day in The Life of a Recruiter
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Nov 13th 2006 9:00AM
    "Express-1 recruiter Scott Hancock has a slightly different perspective on the expedited trucking industry, one that he acquired through his years as an expedited owner-operator.

    After I got my first truck," Hancock says, "I went with one of the 'major' expediting companies, but soon realized that their system and my ideas about this business would not match."

    "I started looking around for a company with whom I could develop a long-term partnership. I found that with Express-1."
  • Expanding The Lines of Communication
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Nov 10th 2006 10:59AM
    St. Pierre says that the Driver Council member selection began last June at the Panther Appreciation Day get together. The company conducted a driver roundtable discussion with around forty contractors and presented the Driver Council concept to the group.

    A fleet message was also sent out to inform the drivers of the idea and solicit nominations and volunteers for the Council. Voting for the Council members was conducted for seven days via the Panther web site.
  • RJR Transportation Services
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Oct 23rd 2006 9:33AM
    RJR Transportation Services is an international carrier which provides service between Canada and the United States with domestic service in each country.

    This family-owned, private company, which was founded in 1981, handles automotive and general commodity freight with a fleet of independent contractors who operate in cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor-trailers.
  • A. Blair Enterprises
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Sep 30th 2006 8:37AM
    "This company has been reinvented several times, changing our focus and specialties to accommodate the changes in the market or in this case, the changes in the attitudes of potential partners."

    "Our philosophy is simple - the more our partners earn, the more we earn. Our goal is to hire professional drivers who understand we are doing everything in our power to keep them loaded and rolling." - Tom Robertson, A. Blair Enterprises
  • TranStewart: On the move
    By Jeff Jensn, Editor
    Posted Aug 4th 2006 8:30AM
    "I know that for drivers with the large expedite companies, many times they'll deliver a load and then find a dozen other trucks from their own company waiting for a load, too.

    And, while they're waiting in line, if they turn down a load, they go to the bottom of the list."

    "That doesn't happen with TranStewart because we're able to keep our trucks moving." -- Jerry Stewart, Sr.