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Carrier Profiles

Turri Transportation and Logistics - You're Covered

By Gary Addis
Posted Jul 3rd 2012 10:06AM
In the mid-nineties America's economy was booming. Trucking was experiencing a severe driver shortage, so the pay was pretty good-- a driver wasn't likely to get rich quick driving a big truck, but he'd certainly be able to provide for his or her family.

Vince Turri read the ads, watched the driving school TV commercials, and decided to make a career change. But driving school cost thousands of dollars he didn't have, and, let's face it, as Vince himself admits, it takes a special kind of person to make it as a trucker.

It takes a special kind of person to make it as a truck dispatcher as well. Dispatchers are the man in the middle -- they catch hell from everybody: from the drivers they're assigned; from the fleet's customers who always seem to want that load delivered two days before it was even palletized; and from management who has to be concerned with keeping the company afloat.

Like dispatchers everywhere, Vince listened to the personal problems of his assigned drivers and did his best to help out any way he could -- and when they wanted to complain, why, he let them vent as only a disgruntled driver can. Without having ever shifted a gear himself, Vince developed a rapport with his drivers that all appreciated. Within a few months, Vince was promoted to dispatcher supervisor.

In 2005, roughly ten short years from his first day in the trucking industry, Vince Turri founded an expediter fleet of his own.

"It was a risk, going into business for ourselves. But I had a vision...I needed the control to implement methods I felt would increase the quality of service being provided to customers of an expediter trucking company.

"We've been successful in generating consistent weekly revenue for the fleet and for the owner-operators who have put their trust in us. We offer both asset-based and non asset-based solutions for our clients (trucking authority and brokerage). We contract owner operators of both straight trucks and expedited tractor trailers, giving us the ability to engage in many modes of transportation. Our count right now is 30 trucks and we are growing!

"We are a TSA-approved carrier offering door to door airfreight services; our on-time delivery percentage is among the best in the industry, and the quality of our service is second to none."

Turri Transportation and Logistics' company motto is "You're covered." You have a load that must be delivered, like, yesterday? -- you're covered. You have invested every dime at your disposal in a truck of your very own... you need an income you can depend on to survive -- no problem, at Turri Transportation, you're covered.

"We pay an aggressive percentage program to our owner operators," says Vince Turri. "Due to the nature of the industry, it's impossible to pin down exact numbers, but on average, our straight trucks operate in a range of $3,500 to $4,000 in weekly revenue; team straight trucks can expect to earn from $6,000 to $7,000 per week -- or more. Single driver tractor-trailers are earning about $5,000 per week, and team tractor-trailers consistently double that!"

Mr. Turri believes that his company's greatest strength is the consistency with which it operates -- very rarely does a Turri owner-operator have a bad week.

"We ensure our company's success by ensuring the success of our owner operator fleet," affirms Vince Turri. "The equation for success in the expediter trucking industry isn't rocket science: we keep our contractors busy making money for themselves and by doing so, we make a profit for ourselves."

Driver, Turri Transportation and Logistics will help you make a very good living. But be forewarned. We want only the very best to fly our flag. If you'd rather drive than sit twiddling your thumbs while waiting for a load, then you should give them a call.  Before you sign on any lines, visit and check them out.  Vince Turri is certain that you will be very glad if you do.


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