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Carrier Profiles

  • Focus: Expediter Services, LLC
    By Contributing Writer
    Posted Dec 20th 2012 6:47AM
    Caleb and Andrea Harper. Recently, Expediter Services welcomed new partners Caleb and Andrea Harper of Wichita Falls, Texas. The story of h...
  • Matrix Expedited Service
    By Sandy Long, staff writer
    Posted Dec 3rd 2012 5:58AM
    Eight years ago, Matt Hare and Mike McDougal, both with family ties in trucking, (Hare’s grandfather started the first family trucking company in ...
  • JD Clark - just right
    By Gary Addis - staff writer
    Posted Aug 1st 2012 2:28AM
    There's a misconception held by many drivers.   Most believe that the majority of drivers are employed by the big fleets, and for good r...
  • Turri Transportation and Logistics - You're Covered
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Jul 3rd 2012 10:06AM
    In the mid-nineties America's economy was booming. Trucking was experiencing a severe driver shortage, so the pay was pre...
  • T.E. Smith - Welcome to the Family
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Jun 24th 2012 5:09PM
       Crossing the roads of America are all kinds of rigs--big trucks, little trucks, tankers, flatbeds, straight trucks, stepv...
  • Premium puts PRIORITY on treating Owner-Operators right!
    By Scott Loftis/Staff Writer
    Posted Jan 12th 2012 5:22AM
    As the trucking industry reshapes itself following the recession of 2008-2009, many companies are experiencing tremendous growth.  Managing tha...
  • Honest Pay for Honest Work at C&M Transport
    By Scott Loftis, staff writer
    Posted Jan 10th 2012 7:21AM
    C&M Transport Inc. literally started as a family-owned, home-based business in 1991 founded by Calvin and Melody Pettrey.  Twenty...
  • Owner Partner appreciation is a priority at Nations Express, Inc.
    By Scott Loftis/Staff Writer
    Posted Jan 5th 2012 8:01AM
    Ask any truck driver or owner-operator what he would like most from his employer or partner carrier, besides money, and you’re sure to hear...
  • Heroic Panther driver rescues woman on Pennsylvania freeway
    By Scott Loftis
    Posted Nov 30th 2011 8:10AM
    Truckers are often referred to as “knights of the road,” and owner-operator Mike Schiotis certainly fits the bill. Schiotis, who lives in S...
  • Thompson Emergency Freight Systems: High standards, superior performance... time tested
    By Scott Loftis/Staff Writer
    Posted Oct 25th 2011 5:23AM
    For shippers and receivers who need time-sensitive freight moved across the U.S.-Canadian border, Thompson Emergency Freight Systems is...