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Carrier Profiles

  • Try Hours Expedited Services, Incorporated Expands Fleet Size and Service Areas
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 4th 2013 5:47PM
    Try Hours Expedited Services, Inc., Maumee, Ohio, is a family run company specializing in premium ground expedite services. Establishe...
  • 2 Can Tango Hauling Expedite Freight!
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Oct 4th 2013 6:43AM
    One of the beauties of expediting is found in the just in time schedule nature of expedite freight. To keep up with schedules in expediting, excellent team drivers are not only sought by expedite companies, they are appreciated.
  • XPO Logistics, Inc. Leaps Upwards in Second Quarter 2013
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Aug 6th 2013 2:55AM
    XPO Logistics has grown in its three business units, freight brokerage, expedited transportation and freight forwarding, to 22,000 ground, sea and air carriers to serve over 8,500 customers in the manufacturing, industrial, commercial, life sciences and government sectors with a second quarter total revenue of $137.1 million.
  • Attention Owner Operators! Flexibility and Innovation with On Time Express
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jun 26th 2013 7:00AM
    “Many owner operators have no choice but to set waiting on freight when leased on with a carrier, to counteract this, we have developed flexibility into our owner operator program so an owner operator, with their own authority, can pull for another carrier if they choose, to keep their operation profitable,”
  • Pull FedEx Custom Critical Trailers and Join Its White Glove Fleet
    By Contributing Writer
    Posted May 15th 2013 9:32AM
    FedEx Custom Critical is seeking tractor teams to pull company-owned refrigerated trailers. Contractors pulling these trailers can immediately mov...
  • A Unique Expedite Company: All State Express
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Mar 13th 2013 4:16AM
    For the last decade, CEO Sherri Squier has ably led her company into the expedite, truckload and expedite logistics fields. Offering ground and air charter services for their customers, All State Express can cover all of a customer’s just in time and dedicated freight needs.
  • 18 Years of Success: On Time Express & Logistics, Inc.
    By Sandy Long, staff writer
    Posted Mar 12th 2013 7:01AM
    In February of 1995, Robert Stark started On-Time Express, Inc. with one vehicle and one thing in mind: to create the very best freight expediting company around.
  • Towne Air Freight
    By Contributing Writer
    Posted Feb 27th 2013 4:32AM
    Towne Air Freight is a full service transportation company specializing in the handling of time sensitive LTL shipments for both commercial accou...
  • Jabez Expediting and Logistics
    By Staff Writer
    Posted Jan 16th 2013 11:11AM
    "Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest," says Bob Hardy, Business Development officer at J...
  • Try Hours Expedited Services, Inc.
    By Sandy Long
    Posted Jan 14th 2013 10:59AM
    Expedite freight is the most exciting aspect of the trucking industry.   Expedite freight might be a painting worth untold millions of doll...