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New Driver (Ford Transit 250, 2020) looking for insight into best companies to drive for and basic information for a newbie. Also not looking to sleep in my van, so any advice on how to get daily routes to where I can come home every night…if possible. Thanks
you have a good apportunity man dont listen to anybody
sell your personal car and get sprinter cargo van and keep this account instead worrying about going back to work as a logistics manager,
I was the same boat back in 2009 and I never look back, I sold my honda accord and bought a cargo vab because my company offered me a route
I tried few weeks and never look back
Hi Shwany83.
I found you are looking to buy MC here

MC-834534 with Household Goods endorsement.
State: NC
Age: 8 years
Violation: 0
OOS: 0
Crash: 0
Had audit
Please text
(980) 417-4252
(646) 515-3056
I saw your response to another post, and I figured you'll probably be one of the best people to give a newbie like me some information.
A little about me -- I'm 40.I'm interested in getting into the logistics industry, but I'd like to keep my current job for now. I'm thinking that maybe purchasing a couple of cargo vans or maybe straight vans.
Would you advice this? What should I know in order to be successful?
Hello I have a huge problem with the after treatment system on a 2012 hino 358. The fuel pump for the burner system and hino has discontinued the part. What can I do to fix this
Greetings Turtle,,
Could you help with a few adjustments?
Can you add a picture of my truck as the AVATAR, and show me the different AVATARS i can select from?

I would like y name changed to Hallelujah,
perhaps it is already? Is it only when I view my account I see my name; but the public see HALLELUJAH?
How do I add the upgraded posting for $4.95?
Can you install the upgraded posting?

Thank you,
I bought a 2005 Hino 268. I am having a problem with my left brake light and turn signal on the left rear also. I was wondering if don't have a problem with the right brake and turn signal. Is there a junction where the left and right wiring separate to give power to both sides? I would appreciate any info related to this problem.
Post your questions on the Hino forum.
There is a plug along the frame rail, near the end of the truck, where these circuits are separated. How it's attached to the box is not Hino's doing.
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