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hello GS. I have a 2014 258 alp, leaking coolant above the def with a rusted line. without changing the line, can it be eliminated somewhere before it goes under the cab ? from what i understand it keeps the def from freezing. im in florida and dont need to worry about that. thanks
Basic Commercial Drivers Legal Plan
Good Day! Thank you, for the opportunity to help serve your community of hardworking men and women of the Trucking Industry. I'm here to discuss the issues faced by Commercial Drivers and help protect what is most important to you and your employer. 1. Regulation; 2. Violation; and 3. Compliance Safety & Accountability (CSA).
Did you buy your truck new or used and how many miles you put on that truck before any Problems if any
The 338 or the 155? 338 was used, can't remember the miles at time of purchase, but not a lot as it was only 1 yr old. 155 I bought new.
Fastest Virtual Dispatching platform on the planet! A well blended network of Drivers, Brokers and Dispatchers committed to providing Owner/Operators and carries nationwide with the logistics tools they need. We believe it is our duty to offer 24 hour service to our clients due to the high demands of the industry today. Let Zoomi get you from point A to B fast and efficiently!
Hello I have a 2007 Hino 338 when I try to start it. It wont turn over and the power steering hose gets hot enough to start melting it can you help me
Thank you
Hello everyone. Can somebody give advise. Which company is better for expediting with sprinter 2500. And which type of income is better. Paid by miles or by %. Thanks a lot.
IM using Jung Express and Empire National they both are good. Empire for the long trips that pay well. Jung will get you circulating around the midwest
Hi, we are Dapolk Transport and Dispatch looking to offer our dispatching service to owner operators and fleet owners nationwide. Whether you are looking for local, regional or OTR we have you covered. Our goal is to eliminate down time and take the stress out of your day to day operations by handling paperwork and booking loads for your business on a consistent basis to keep your tires spinning and money flowing in.
Hello all! I am an Army veteran with 10 years of OTR (Class A) driving experience. Iam looking for a needle in a haystack...a solo, straight truck driving opportunity. Any help in reaching this goal would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Anybody ran with A+ expediters out of Dayton, Ohio?
I use to do runs for them years ago, until I had a problem not getting paid in full for a run, so be careful.
Currently drive for TST Expedited Services with a 10 month driving experience of Ford Transit/Sprinter, researching on getting own authority and being FMCSA/DOT compliant
Any owner operators with DOT# and/or MC# looking for loads?
I drive a 2018 Pro Master 3500 150x52x65 what are you offering?
I see you have a lot of good questions and posts today. I am pretty much the only one who responds to the posts as of late. Greasytshrt is taking a break so its just me here. I do this to help guys out but i do not get paid for it. I can try to answer some of your questions but it may take some time. Is there ONE of those issues that concerns you the most we can start with?
I'm new here looking to possibly getting into expediting do not have a truck but looking to drive for someone but dont know how to find someone to drive for
Look in the classified section of this website to find a fleet owner to work for.