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Your opinion please

Joshua Robichaud

New Recruit
For arguments sake you have two offers from two different owners of a truck let’s say the trucks are exactly the same so there’s no issue there. And furthermore they both are contracted on with the same company for arguments sake let’s call it ABC logistics.

The first owner is offering a 60 / 40 split with the owner getting the 60% and paying all expenses

The second owner is offering a 40 / 60 split
With the drivers having to pay for fuel but you will get the fuel surcharge

Trying to figure out what is going to be more beneficial to me and really have no idea which way to go here

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Retired Expediter
The trucks could be similar because one owner will sometimes give you this option.
60/40 or 40/60.
You’ll be asked
1) what kind of equipment ?
2) Will you go home often ?
3) Do you have a heavy foot ?
4) Will you get paid Deadhead ?


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I expect about 80% of experienced expediters will pick 60/40.

Is that the best choice for a stone cold rookie ?


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Factors to consider
Fuel efficiency of the trucks
Available fuel discounts
Solo or team
Dispatcher or self dispatch
Paid deadhead

60/40 should put more money in your pocket if the truck is fuel efficient and driven correctly.


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Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard
Vehicle owners may, however, specify how an independent contractor may use their vehicle while you are not under dispatch. Conditions of vehicle use should be clearly specified by the written contract between the driver and the owner.


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make sure everything is written down in contract , what each party is required to do