Do you have confidence Fedex will give us a higher flat rate this next year?

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Veteran Expediter
After the last conference call, I didn't hear any questions about our pay rate, for flat raters, so I emailed Michael Abood. He emailed me an new incentive program that if you meet its numbers you get an addition $250. As of this writing I didn't go over it very carefully, but at a quick glance it wasn't the outcome I was looking for. I had asked if we would be going back to the pay we were getting, like negotiating pay for loads they had trouble covering. I mentioned our pay reduction to the flat rate was due to the poor economy back then. I mentioned now that Fedex will be paying less income tax, and the economy is doing great, are they considering offering what we were paid in the past? His answer was Fedex is very competitive regarding pay compared to other carriers. They will be looking at our pay rate. When I was able to negotiate a pay for a load, it blows away this new incentive plan. My impression is our flat rate per mile if it goes up at all, won't be very much, to cover increasing costs of operating which is never stagnant. The trickle down theory will truly be a tiny trickle. If the market ever makes a huge correction, I will just buy Fedex stock. Its the only option to make more money from being associated with the company.