why buy a sprinter van, this is my 2 cents


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what I like about the sprinter van, I have had 4 sprinter vans, in 13 years. a few people asked me why did you trade when you did. a newer and longer model came out, so I moved up to longer and bigger van. 170 E sprinter is 17'' longer than 170., plus high top sprinter is taller than all the other van's. also they haul more freight than all the others to. always good have more space to pickup loads that other vans can't carry. I have always had over spec unit, so that way could steal other loads. In dodge pro master I looked at, drivers seat , was not comfortable , couldn't get back as far as I wanted. my knees felt like they were up to my chin. sprinter van is made for long haul. other vans are made for short trips, like plumbers , electrician , ac and r people who don't travel on long trips. if you need a sleeper and cargo space you have both. cargo weight is being 2,500 lbs or so. you can stand up in sprinter van, bigger side door.
In my set up I had rollers in floor that helped move freight in out. when loading van the pushing and drag freight in and out. they also kept floor of van from getting tore up. had e track to keep freight in place so it wouldn't roll back and force. fuel mileage was ok from 18 to 23 per gal
if you want to know more give me a call at 757 342 8471, (cell) do out side sales, at tysinger in Hampton va, and my partner Ed Maxfield 315 559 9646 (cell)


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I love everything about the Sprinter except the cost, the cost of ownership, maintenance, and repairs.

The body size, ride, inside comfort, quietness, HVAC are second to none. They are a great looking van, the best looking, actually.

Being a Ford person, I am greatly disappointed in Ford, with as many introductory delays that they had with the Transit, that the finished product wasnt something better. Dont get me wrong, its nice and all, but so many stupid mistakes in the design of it. I hope that the new improved 2020 model is better mechanically and ergonomically.
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I do wish that the 2500 Promaster was longer.

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