Who said Rich was leaving EO?


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I’ve been following the replies to Rich's post “TIME TO EXIT EXPEDITEâ€. Reason why I haven’t posted just yet is because I’m waiting for the shock to wear off.

No where in his post did he say he was leaving EO. Sounds like some of you are confused. No where in the terms does it say one must be an expedite driver to be an EO member. The sad news, Rich is having a health problem for now! The good news, Rich will be able to Moderate and help us all more now than before especially the newbie's.

Thank God Rich kept his cool and went directly to a hospital. Goes to show the professionalism and level headedness of how a 20 yr vet acts under extreme anxiety. How many others would have done the same under those circumstances?

Now I haven't yet talked to Rich but knowing him as I do he isn't going anywhere. In fact at times we may think to ourselves, ‘wish this guy would shut up’ LOL!!!


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I gotta go along with Tony. Rich has been a member of my circle of friends since we met at a delivery in Romeo, Michigan about 16 years ago. We've been in constant touch with Rich and his wife Mary since that time and I know him well enough to believe that he will continue on as an active EO member for some time to come. He has always been a constant source of useful information for me and so many other expediters that for him to leave the forum would create an information vacuum. So Rich, keep that pacemaker on low idle and you'll get many years to continue the helpful posts.


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Apparently, I was confused - now, I'm VERY happy! I met Rich just once, but that's all you need to know that he is the geniunely good, helpful, levelheaded, & funny guy that we are fortunate to have hanging around here, hopefully for a lot more years. :)


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It will take more then a Pacemaker to get me to leave EO.Thanks for all the kind words guys,means a lot.


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Actually, I was look'in forward to you're joining our team. Sorry to hear about your malfunction.


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Ditto on Terry and Tony's posts.
Lookin forward to many more years

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>It will take more then a Pacemaker to get me to leave
>EO.Thanks for all the kind words guys,means a lot.

Rich may be Down but not out. He is a Great man and friend to many folks on EO.

Drive safe

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