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What would you do?


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I would like to ask a question about someone holding the door open for you. It could be a man or women and in this instance I am going to use a post office as it works for my poll easier. What are your thoughts?

Would you go into the post office get in line and thank the door holder?

Would you go into the post office and offer the door holder to go in front of you in line?

Would you enter post office and not say a word?

If I could figure out how to do this as a poll I would!


Veteran Expediter
The second one also.

At a truckstop I walk through the door and once inside I hold the door open for the people behind me.

I once held it open for about 5 guys that all went to the kiosk and got showers ahead of me. It won't happen again.


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Second one if they came up behind me. I always hold the door for everyone, even men. It just seems courteous. I'm always surprised by how many people seem to expect it and don't say a word lol.


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I usually hold the door, i dislike people waljing behind me.

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I always hold the door open for who ever is behind me, where ever I am.


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Its not a difficult decision. Being curtious is always the first choice. If it isn't returned its on them and not a reason to disregard the next aportunity to do so again.

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Option two. In a reverse situation I'm going to hold the door from the outside for a lady and from the inside after going in for a man.