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What happened to all the swaps


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Is it just me or does it seem like panther's propensity to do swaps has gone way down. I can't remember the last time I was offered a swap, or had to give a load up on account of one. I've had a hand full of runs where I thought for sure the'll swap me and no got to run the whole thing. (And nothings been late; everybody wins)
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I don't think they are doing as many as they used to. We have only done a few but they were Canada loads or recovery loads from breakdowns.


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Ooh, ooh activity in the Panther Forum! My experience with the trend toward less load swapping is because of more loads coming from load boards and 3 PLs. The actual delivery time is later than the delivery time of Panther's calculated 45 mph and sends it to the driver. Of course the driver is never informed of the actual delivery time.

For more on this: The S Word
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