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This forum was created for members to post tributes to Expediters Online forum members who have passed away.

Please create only one thread per member, and look thru the forum to see if another has already been created for that member.

Please post the forum member's User ID in the title and date of passing if known.

Once a thread has been created, all members are encouraged to post stories and memories of that person.

Forum members only please,

Thank you.



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Stumbled across this post today and with the Expo right around the corner I couldn't help but think of Jeff. I remember him absolutely working his tail off to ensure that everyone was taken care of at the first few Expos. Always a great guy to be with and to deal with and such a huge part of this community. We all miss you Jeff. God bless you.


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John I agree he was a very good person and jeez did he have a awesome sense of humor and a wicked pen. We also miss Jeff.