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Welcome to the forum dedicated to the discussion of issues related to, and affecting FedEx Custom Critical (FCC) contractors, drivers and carrier representatives.

The first order of business is to remind FCC drives and contractors that our carrier publishes a weekly bulletin in the form of an E-Mail sent out to all who have requested it. You may get a copy by signing on to the FCC extranet. One feature of the weekly bulletin is the "Did Ya Know?" Contractors are invited to send in bits of helpful hits and remind the rest of us about little known, forgotten procedures or policies that make our performance just a bit better.

For example; Did Ya Know that the DoD requires holders of security clearances, who are planning to leave the country for personal reasons, must inform their carrier prior to departure? Travel to Canada is exempt from this requirement.
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That is correct on the Dod travel requirement. I had to do that for 10 years after I quit my DoD Job. I was not allowed to travel to several countries for 10 years either. I am not sure how long the travel notification continues on a secrect clearence once you give it up.